2/17/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Los Retros "Someone To Spend Time With" stones throw
2. Tacocat "Grains Of Salt" sub pop
3. Yann Tiersen "Bloavezhoú" mute
4. Stereophonics "Chaos From The Top Down" parlophone
5. Cyclone Static "Everlasting Glow" mint 400
6. Fontaines D.C. "Big" partisan
7. Nancy "I'm Not Getting Sober, I'm Just Getting Older (Helluva Guy)" B3SCI
8. Zale "If You Like" madison
9. Royal Teeth (ft Tunde Olaniran) "Show You What I Can Do"
10. Mini Mansions "GummyBear" universal
11. Weyes Blood "Everyday" sub pop
12. PicaPica "Cast In Stone" rough trade
13. Melii "HML" interscope
14. Ladytron "Paper Highways"
15. The Dip "Slow Sipper"
16. Maps "Just Reflecting" mute

Hour 2

17. Czarface "Mongolian Beef" silver age
18. Benny Sings "Softly (Tokyo)"
19. CHAI "Fashionista" burger
20. Malibu Ken "Acid King" rhymesayers
21. Le Butcherettes "in THE END" rise
22. Phonetic Hero "Ancient Blood" (Wargroove OST) boss battle
23. Matmos "Plastic Anniversary" thrill jockey
24. Exumer "Hostile Defiance" metal blade
25. Allegaeon "Stellar Tidal Disruption" metal blade
26. ENDON "Love Amnesia" thrill jockey
27. Elena Setién "Sail Down The River"
28. White Denim "Shanalala" city slang
29. Joan "Drive All Night"
30. filous (feat. klei) "Bicycle" ultra

S BNF.gif


Not On Spotify:
9. Royal Teeth (ft Tunde Olaniran) "Show You What I Can Do"
18. Benny Sings "Softly (Tokyo)"


WHY IS IT SO DAMN COLD IN SANTA BARBARA? I mean for reals. Yes i get it "its not the east coast". AS the locals would respond "whatever", what can i say over the past 15 years or so my body has acclimated to this temperature and global warming is messing up my scene.


If global warming is bring you down at least you have New Noize, which is partially powered by solar, and what a solar powered 2 hour show it was. So much new music is dropping this year its a bit ridiculous.


I am going to highlight 1 thing that should be on your radar for all my collaborations head out there. Just to be clear I am not talking about the recent Les Claypool Sean Lennon "The Claypool Lennon Delirium" collab (which EVERYONE should be on as I have played the crap out of this the past few weeks) I am talking about Malibu Ken. Sporting one of the ugliest album covers of an adolescent garbage pale kid, Malibu Ken is comprised of Aesop Rock and TOBACCO. Both these cats are weird stand alone but combined they produce a record that resets your notion of traditional musical genres. Its abstract, experimental, brash & a whole-lotta fun. If you are looking for an album that is extremely different but very familiar this is your record, trust in your boy.


the Umbrella Academy is out on Netflix and holy #5 this show has taken over the month of February. This one hits all the bells and whistles of how a comic book series should be translated. Netflix can stop producing amazing comic book adaptations and this one is up there. The cast was selected perfectly, each actor brings these people to life and please PLEASE give whoever the show-runner is a high five form me. Oh and #5, thats my DUDE. Oh did I mention that Mary J Blige is an assassin, spoiler alert. in Now I am just waiting for Netflix to announce a 2nd season then at its height suddenly pull it like they have ALL the MARVEL series.


Last thing last., Desus and Mero are back on Showtime, so now I have to buy showtime. The brand is strong.


See you next Sunday.

2/10/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Interpol "Fine Mess"
2. Big Data "Unglued"
3. Field Medic "Henna Tattoo"
4. Deer Tick "Bluesboy"
5. Le Butcherettes "struggle/STRUGGLE"
6. The Claypool Lennon Delirium "Blood And Rockets - Movement I, Saga Of Jack Parsons"
7. ENDON "Final Acting Out"
8. Skinny Malone "We Don't Know Him"
9. CHAI "Fashionista" burger
10. Lil Berete(feat. Loski) "Go N Get It"
11. Elena Setién "Window Two (For Sigurd And Albert)
12. JR JR "NYC"
13. Phonetic Hero "Mechanist Prince" Wargroove OST
14. Wild Belle "Mockingbird"
15. Jesse Mac Cormack "No Love Go"

Hour 2

16. The Faint "Alien Angel"
17. Bring Me The Horizon "Medicine"
18. White Denim "Shanalala"
19. SOAK "Valentine Shmalentine"
20. No Alarms "Marble Bars"
21. Panda Bear "Dolphin" domino
22. Hajk "Dancing Like This" jasen
23. Girlpool "Pretty" anti-
24. Dandy Warhols "Motor City Steel" dine alone
25. Cherry Glazerr "Wasted Nun" secretly Canadain
26. Perfect Son "Lust" sbp pop
27. SEGO "Shame" rollcall
28. Great Good Fine Ok “Easy” ultramusic
29. Lip "Rag Doll"
30. I Us We "Prism"



Not On Spotify:
7. ENDON "Final Acting Out"
11. Elena Setién "Window Two (For Sigurd And Albert)
13. Phonetic Hero "Mechanist Prince" Wargroove OST
30. Lip "Rag Doll"


Welcome to another week of new music discovery, and I KNOW you all are thirsty for this past Sunday's New Noize drop as last week was the Super Bowl. Looking back at the big game I should have just done my show but what are you going to do?

This week was marked with some heavy hitters and some extra buzz was floating around since we had the Grammy's. Did I watch it yet? No, I was working New Noize but I will be viewing this madness later this week, no spoilers (not really as I am tethered to twitter) .

One of my favorite bands to emerge out of the Japanese scene in the past 5 years is Chai. If you haven't heard of these 4 ladies no worries as they will be on everybody's radar in 2019. They did a Japanese only EP (which by the way makes no sense since you would think Spotify would have it, hopefully, the band discovers SoundCloud soon) They had a full record drop in 2017 called PINK and that's where I fell in love.

***SIDE TANGENT - If you are a Japanese band I think you have to have at least 1 PINK record, reference BORIS PINK, that album rips so hard***

Their new single is called Fashionista and its the best.

Staying in Japan for a second no small charcoal grills here just the pure sounds of EDON. Although I have never been to one of their live events judging by this crescendo of sounds the shows are probably a spectacle to behold.


The beloved Butcherettes are BACK with bi/Mental. Why Theresa Suarez is not headlining Coachella at this point is lost on me. This band should be much bigger as one can hear from this colossal album. The constantly evolving sound of Le Butcherettes is something to behold, they have a signature sound that translates throughout all of their work and whereas the last record they released was a build up of all that they learned, bi/mental is flipping that sideways showing a different angle of their rock style.

Big surprise this week for me was the new Panda Bear record, I mean did anyone else see this one coming? I personally prefer Panda Bear over Animal Collective as Panda Bear is a bit more droney and faster paced BUT on their new record, Buoys, takes a slower step with a focus on looping sounds rather than droning it out. IDK how I feel about it but a couple more spins will correct that.

OH and in video game news WARGOOVE is out and is getting rave reviews. The gameplay, story, graphics and yes even the music are racking up accolades. In fact I was able to secure the OST to Wargroove and dropped a juicy jam in my mix, unfortunately, this music is not on Spotify yet. Today Spotify release a nice chunk of video game music all from Capcom and hopefully, someone over there realizes how valuable video game music is and starts curating. Also if anyone from Spotify is reading this I can do just that, hit me up! No, for reals though I really want to do this so please reach out.


And I will reach out next week for another New Noize. Sorry about the Tuesday lateness.

1/27/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. James Blake "Barefoot In The Park"
2. Apparat "DAWAN"
3. Bring Me The Horizon (feat. Grimes) "nihilist blues"
4. Guster "Overexcited"
5. Beck "Tarantula"
6. Better Oblivion Community Center "Dominos"
7. the Twilight Sad "Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting"
8. Vampire Weekend "Harmony Hall"
9. American Football (feat Hayley Williams) "Uncomfortably Numb"
10. Piroshka "What's Next"
11. Pip Blom "Daddy Issues"
12. Swervedriver "Mary Winter"
13. Band of Skulls "Cool Your Battles"

-Hour 2-

14. Flight of the Conchords "Iain and Deanna (Live)" sub pop
15. Sneaks "The Way It Goes" merge
16. Alex Lilly "Pornographic Mind"
17. Jenny Lewis "Red Bull & Hennessy"
18. Sure Sure "Warm Animal"
19. Stephen Malkmus "Viktor Borgia
20. Sofi Tukker & ZHU "Mi Rumba"
21. filous (feat. klei) "Bicycle"
22. Dido "Give You Up"
23. Down Dirty Shake "Butterflies Get the Blues"
24. ANTONIONI "Stutter Step"
25. Fat White Family "Feet" domino
26. Kiyomi "High Ladder"



Not On Spotify:

What a weekend!!!! Did anyone catch that insane Dragon Ball FightersZ tournament down in LA this past weekend hosted by Red Bull? I did and it was an amazing tournament. During the live event they revealed the season 2 pack with 4 new characters coming, on the 31st we will be getting Jiren and Videl. Later this years we are getting Gogeta & Broly from the recently release movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly". Later this week for all you switch owners its Wargroove time. I have been trying my ass off to get new music from Chucklefish Games, hopefully they get back to me soon.

Oh yeah there was a New Noize show this past Sunday and if you ask me it just keeps getting better and better. So much of that new new that I rarely hit the same song on back to back to back Sundays. Highlights from this past show include the new FOTC, Beck, Better Oblivion Community Center, and of course the new Sneaks. On a serious tip their new album Highway Hypnosis will be in your top 10 of 2019.


If all this wasn't enough for you, the Superbowl is coming in hot next Sunday so no New Noize next Sunday. LETS GO RAMS!

1/20/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Priests "The Seduction Of Kansas"
2. Sure Sure "Warm Animal"
3. Lo Hum "Strange Love"
4. Karen O and Danger Mouse "Woman" bmg
5. Zale "Part of the Pack"
6. Sofi Tukker & ZHU "Mi Rumba"
7. Gang Of Four "Paper Thin"
8. Methyl Ethel "Trip The Mains"
9. Lala Lala & WHY? "Siren"
10. Jocelyn & Chris Arndt "Outta My Head"
11. Downfall Of Gaia "The Grotesque Illusion of Being"
12. Peking Duk "Sugar"
13. K Á R Y Y N "EVER"
14. Squid "The Dial"
15. RY X "YaYaYa"

-Hour 2-

16. SNEAKS "Hong Kong to Amsterdam" merge
17. Toro y Moi "Who I Am"
18. Sharon Van Etten "You Shadow"
19. Matmos "Silicone Gel Implant"
20. La Dispute "Footsteps At The Pond"
21. Deerhunter "No One's Sleeping"
22. Julian Hatfield "Paid to Lie"
23. Sasami "Not The Time"
25. Max Jury "Sweet Lie"
26. FRENSHIP (feat. Yoke Lore) "Wanted A Name"
27. Radiohead "Ill Wind" xl
28. Orville Peck "Dead of Night" sub pop
29. Madame Gandhi "Yellow Sea"
30. Moving Panoramas "ADD HEART"


Not On Spotify:

4. Karen O and Danger Mouse "Woman" bmg
11. Downfall Of Gaia "The Grotesque Illusion of Being"
13. K Á R Y Y N "EVER"


Saw Melvins on a Thursday, both Ace Combat 7 & Travis Strikes Back: No More Hero's on Friday, BROLY on Saturday and New Noize this past Sunday.


See you next week.