9/8/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. M83 "Temple of Sorrow" mute
2. Bat For Lashes "Desert Man" awal
3. Romare "Gone" ninja tune
4. Weyes Blood "Andromeda" sub pop
5. Jenny Hval "Six Red Cannas"
6. Grimes "Violence" 4ad
7. Anamanaguchi "Lorem Ipsum (Arctic_Anthem)" polyvinyl
8. STRFKR "Fantasy" polyvinyl
9. Lower Dens "Young Republicans" ribbon
10. Wax Tailor "The Light" lab'oratoire
11. Rancid Eddie "Here We Go Again" T∆G Music
12. the Futureheads "Electric Shock" nul

-Hour 2-

13. Corridor "Topographe" sub pop
14. METZ "M.E."(Gary Numan cover) sub pop
15. Milly "Talking Secret" dangerbird
16. Lana Del Rey "Bartender" polydor
17. Blitz Vega "Lost & Found"
18. Cartel Madras "Lil Pump Type Beat" sub pop
19. the Griswolds "NICE TO MEET YA!" NHMM
20. Whitney "Giving Up" secretly canadian
21. Cattle Decapitation "One Day Closer to the End of the World" metal blade
22. Miss June "Anomaly" frenchkiss
23. Jack Peñate "Prayer" xl
24. the Safes "Baggage Claim" action weekend
25. Belle and Sebastian "This Letter" matador
26. Chris Farren "Search" polyvinyl
27. Shiny Penny "Find My Home"



Not On Spotify:
Jenny Hval "Six Red Cannas"
Blitz Vega "Lost & Found


Last week a wrote a LOT. I'll keep this weeks write up brief.


WHAT A WEEKEND. I saw the 1st ever Lux Prima show. It was an amazing experience. Danger Mouse took the stage with an additional 10-12 people which included a 4 piece string section and back up singers behind them. Then Karen O walks out in a very shiny gown with a matching shiny crown and we are off to the races. OH did I mention I had front row dead center tickets. Normally, since I do what I do I normally get to go to these events for free but never know where my seats are. This time out I did not get the hook up, which happens and I'm totally cool with, BUT one of my show bros/awesome human Joe somehow scored a pair to opening night and they were the best seats in the house. No one had a better time than me this past Friday night. Heck, I even got a set list. If you get a chance to see this limited time run, do it. This, for me, was a "Top 10 Best Shows" I have ever been to. I will keep this moment until my grey matter starts to deteriorate.


Another killer New Noize set. Hour one was full of dream pop magic as M83 is BACK! I have to really give it up to Mute Records, they sent me this album a while back and I have been checking with them periodically for the past few weeks on when I could bust a track off this incredible record. I got the green light and let it rip. I can not wait to share the rest of "DSVII" on future New Noize Sundays. I mean check out this video:

...Also DSVII is out on 9/20, the same day as Links Awakening, coincidence? I think so....

You know I had to dive deep on Natasha Khan's new one, Lost Girls. Cover to cover this record by Bat for Lashes rules. I hit some new music from Anamanaguchi later that hour & that Wax Tailor track "The Light" is delicious.


Hour 2 looks more like a typical New Noize show getting chaotic towards the middle of the hour with Cartel Madras, Whitney & Cattle Decapitation (talk about differing genres) then smoothing it out with Shiny Penny at the end.

Before I sign off I just wanted to say good luck to everyone playing Fantasy Football this year. I am in 3 leagues and will be crying 3x more during the regular season, can you taste these tears?


We will need a score for him on 9/16 since his last day is not until 9/19 but that would be the last one.