8/4/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard "Planet B" flightless
2. Monolord "The Bastard Son" relapse
3. DragonForce "Highway to Oblivion" metal blade
4. Bad Wolves "I'll Be There" eleven seven
5. Foals "Black Bull"
6. Iggy Pop "James Bond" loma vista
7. ROCH "All Time Favourite Girl"
8. Safer "Sleepless Nights"
9. BAD CHILD "Breathing Fire" universal
10. Mikal Cronin "Show Me" merge
11. Miss June "Best Girl" frenchkiss
12. Ezra Furman "Evening Prayer aka Justice" bella union

-Hour 2-

13. Starcrawler "Bet My Brains" rough trade
14. BORIS "Peaches" trash-up
15. Meg & Dia "American Spirit" pure noise
16. San Mei "Something Good" etcetc
17. Janet May "Lessons To Learn" avenue a
18. Sleater-Kinney "Can I Go On" mom+pop
19. G Flip "Stupid" future classic
20. Boniface "Wake Me Back Up" transgressive
21. Angie McMahon "Keeping Time" dualtone music group
22. Beeef "Little Guys" 581977
23. Orange Animal "Dive" john ramsey
24. Miynt "The Idiot" B3SCI
25. Flying Lotus "Remind U" warp
26. Cuco "Ego Death In Thailand" interscope


Ok yes, this New Noize post is late but its been a whirlwind of a week. Tool is finally on Spotify, Fiesta Week here in Santa Barbara, and the most important thing had to be EVO this past weekend, especially if you are Pakistani. Why? Arslan Ash came out and absolutely BODIED the entire Tekken 7 circuit. Lets be honest for a hot minute, in America there are very few "positive" reflections of "us". This is changing with people like Aziz, Mindy and Hassan, but lets take an amazing show that know for its inclusive and diversity, EUPHORIA. This HBO show is fantastic but apparently in this surreal portrait of Americana all Asians are non-existent or stuck in AP class. The season ended in a freaking musical sign off very reminiscent of EVERY BOLLYWOOD movie in existence yet not one South Asian kid even in the exit number?


Enter the chosen one, a kid that put an entire nation on his back, Arslan Ash. All of his wins prior to this were deemed by almost everyone as "flukes" as he came out of no where. This warrior won EVO Japan and people still doubted him until this weekend. He ran through the competition, easily made it to the top 8 where he continued his domination and the finals. After wining he knelt to the ground (as all Muslims do 5x a day) to give thanks to the almighty and reinforced all that in all his messaging while including his mom.

IDK who took this picture but whoever it was THANK YOU FOR CAPTURING THIS HISTORIC MOMENT

IDK who took this picture but whoever it was THANK YOU FOR CAPTURING THIS HISTORIC MOMENT

I'm not crying, your crying. As you read this you may think this is not a big deal, you are WRONG. We are not represented in anything sports related at all, Baseball, basketball, hockey, football, USA soccer, until now. This is all thanks to the Fighting Game Community, specifically the EVOLUTION tournament. A tournament like no other in the world, a TRULY INCLUSIVE tournament. Pro, amateur, male, female, trans, gay, straight (or any spectrum) any race, any creed and any age as long as you are human you can enter. I am glad to be a part of this community and thankful for its existence.


For all those that missed it, here is the championship bout between the Tekken GOD Arslan Ash vs Knee(a Tekken GOD in his own right, only he gets crushed)

and here is the dude on ESPN:

This happened on Sunday as I was covering the Reggae Soundclash before switching over to New Noize and let me tell you I was HYPED for a solid 2 hours. Since I was on full tilt I kicked off the show with a healthy dose of metal and smoothed out the rest of the 2 hours with all the latest jams. I am really digging this band called Miynt. Their new album "Stay on Your Mind" is thick with solid jams that will fill your space with dopeness


Lastly I'm seeing Flylo on Thursday, its his 1st show of his new tour and I will have loads to say about that as well as giving you another 2 hours of New Noize come next Sunday.

Getting back to EVO...

You know I am a Dragonball FightersZ guy here is the finals between SonicFox vs GO1 (again IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE) and yes my GUY SonicFox maynot have won Dragonball FightersZ but he did end up winning Mortal Kombat 11.

My GUY SonicFox may not have won Dragonball FightersZ but he did end up winning Mortal Kombat 11.

This time for reals, see you next Sunday.

7/28/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. DIIV "Skin Game" captured tracks
2. BORIS "To the Beach" trash up
3. girl in red "i'll die anyway" marie ulven
4. Miynt "Lucy In Disguise" B3SCI
5. Green Buzzard "I Don't Want To Be Alone" I OH YOU
6. Boy Scouts "Get Well Soon" anti-
7. Cooperr "Like I Do" marshmallow pavement
8. Demob Happy "Autoportrait" SO recordings
9. Cuco "Feelings" interscope
11. Queen of Jeans "Get Lost" topshelf
12. Speaker First "If It Ain't You"
13. Nnena "Lovesick" loud robot
14. BOO Seeka "Millennium Drive" sureshaker

-Hour 2-

15. DJ Shadow (feat. De La Soul) "Rocket Fuel" mass appeal
16. Metronomy "Salted Caramel Ice Cream" because music
17. Oscar Scheller (feat. Lily Allen) "1%" wichita
18. Ra Ra Riot "Bad To Worse"
19. Pinky Pinky "My Friend Sean" innovative leisure
20. Calexico and Iron & Wine "Midnight Sun" sub pop
21. CHYLD "Can We?" tommy boy
22. FEET "Outer Rim" clapped
23. Hawa "Kill Some" b4
24. Steve Gunn "Motion Pictures (For Carrie)" <--Neil Young cover
25. Ty Segall "The Arms"
26. Great Time "Rushin" great time studio
27. Jaeo Draftpick "Bless the Trap" tommy boy
28. Caamp "Peach Fuzz" by and by
29. Dude York "Should've" hardly arts



Not On Spotify:
Speaker First "If It Ain't You"
Steve Gunn "Motion Pictures (For Carrie)" <--Neil Young cover
Ty Segall "The Arms"


This summer has been full tilt. This past weekend I saw the Melvins open up for the The Raconteurs at the Santa Barbara Bowl and it was great. It was a "no cellphone" show which is fine, I honestly don't care either way.

Fiesta week is upon us and for all the non-locals that read this blog you should come into town and get down with the raddest part SB has to offer. {so much cultural appropriation} For all the party people that are attending I'll be working the beer garden Saturday night at the Casa Cantina, stop by and give me all the high fives.


New Noize was popping as it always is. Side note I am SO PROUD of myself, I got Trash-UP records in Japan to forward me the new BORIS EP "tears" for last Sundays show. It is a slight departure form their sound and is much more "fun & lighthearted" than their normal work which is refreshing.


See you next Sunday. BE WARNED, I will complain about all the confetti i have to clean.

7/21/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Miynt "Peaches" B3SCI
2. Iggy Pop "Free" loma vista
3. Vivian Girls "Sick" polyvinyl
4. Wilco "Love Is Everywhere" dBpm
5. Amber Mark "Mixer" jasmine
6. Common "Hercules" loma vista
7. the Catching "The More I Say" ethos
8. Squid "The Cleaner" pias
9. Twen "Damsel" frenchkiss
10. New Language "House of Cards"
11. Emptyset "Petal" thrill jockey
12. Goon "Check Engine Light" partisan
13. K Á R Y Y N "YAJNA" mute
14. Puddle Of Mudd "Uh Oh" pavement
15. beabadoobee "if you want to"
16. Redd Kross "The Party Underground "The Party Underground" merge

-Hour 2-

17. Hunny (feat. Bleached) “Saturday Night” epitaph
18. Bleached "Kiss You Goodbye" dead oceans
19. Menzingers "Anna" epitaph
20. Fever Ray "I'm Not Done (Live)" rabid
21. Killswitch Engage "I Am Broken Too" metal blade
22. Batushka "Dziewiatyj Czas"
23. the Number Twelve Looks Like You "Ruin the Smile"
24. Hives "Good Samaritan"
25. Imperial Teen "We Do What We Do Best" merge
26. Gold Fields "Waves" haven sounds
27. Burn The Disco "Go" tommy boy
28. Twin Peaks "Dance Through It" grand jury music
29. San Fermin(ft. Samia)"The Hunger"
30. Cuffed Up "Mother Father"


Not On Spotify:
30. Cuffed Up "Mother Father"


New Noize is here for another round in newness on all things music. This like last week was more of a hodgepodge of new music. Being the most diverse new music show in the land is a tough order, especially when there is so much new music coming out its a bit overwhelming.


Hopefully this weeks mix turns you on to a few things you have never heard of as well as reignited some passion you might of lost touch with. I mean there is new Killswitch Engage, Hives, Iggy Pop, Wilco, Redd Cross and YES I even spun new Puddle of Mudd.


Let me know what you think of this past weeks set. Now if you will excuse me I will be putting on my 3 star Goku uniform full of life fibers in celebration for Kill la Kill IF coming out on the 26th.


7/14/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Beyonce "Spirit" (OST Lion King) walt disney
2. TARIQ "Walking Dead"
3. A Tribe Called Red (Ft. Black Bear) "The OG"
4. The Drew Thomson Foundation "A Little More Time" dine alone
5. Boy Pablo (ft. Jimi Somewhere) "Never Cared" utra
6. Lower Dens "I Drive" ribbon music
7. Sampa The Great "Final Form" ninja tune
8. Hollerado "Straight To Hell" royal mountain
9. Dizzy "Heavy"
10. Violent Femmes "I'm Nothing" pias
11. KOKOKO! "Buka Dansa" transgressive
12. Cones "Moonstone" dangerbird
13. Boca 45(feat. Louis Baker) "Soul On Top" mass appeal
14. Velvet Negroni "WINE GREEN" 4ad
15. Villagers "Summers Song" domino

-Hour 2 -

16. Khruangbin "Sisters & Brothers" dead oceans
17. Tycho "For How Long" mom+pop
18. Ceremony "Turn Away the Bad Thing" relapse
19. Kyle Craft "Broken Mirror Pose" sub pop
20. METZ "Lump Sums" sub pop
21. Chastity Belt "Ann's Jam" hardly art
22. Dude York "Should've" hardly art
23. Blossoms "Your Girlfriend"
24. SOAK "Modern Girl" (covering Sleater-Kinney)
25. Gruff Rhys "Bae Bae Bae"
26. Bat For Lashes "Kids In The Dark" awal
27. KAZU "Salty" adult baby
28. Chelsea Wolfe "The Mother Road" sargent house
29. Thom Yorke "Impossible Knots" xl



Not On Spotify:
24. SOAK "Modern Girl" (covering Sleater-Kinney)


Summer is hear in full force and to celebrate I deiced to eat glow in the dark ramen this past weekend down in LA. It was a wonderful experience in a fantastically hidden place high atop the Hollywood Hills. The views from this restaurant was ridiculous. My panoramic iphone pictures do not do it justice (plus it was a bit smoggy/foggy outside). The pop-up was situated in the parking lot of this extremely busy restaurant. You descend through a series of back door corridors and wind up in this basement like space full of looking Shintaro Kago inspired artwork. I felt like I was in a a Flying Lotus cover art for "You're Dead"


After our hostess gave our small party of strangers a rundown of the Yokai folklore behind this whole dining experience which set the mood we were escorted to eat. My noodles were a neon orange. My egg was this blueish yellow tint and my goodness the drink was this yellow electric mountain dew color. I'm not one for "dining experiences" as I think they are pretty pretentious but I may have to reevaluate my stance. It was great and I highly recommend it: http://www.dashboard.us/glowinthedark-ramen-shop

I made it back on Sunday and did my New Noize set. This week was a true mix up of all things coming out plus some deep dives on records that just came out. The new Tycho record, Weather, is amazing and if your a fan very different with the addition of Saint Sinner singing vocals on at least 5 tracks. Khruangbin new album, Hasta El Ceilo, is finally out. Now some may say that this record is just the DUB version of Con Todo El Mundo and those people would be 100% correct as that is how the band literally has the record listed on all major streaming platforms. If you like Khruangbin and Dub music then you will love Hasta El Ceilo.


See you next Sunday.