9/1/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Tool "7empest"
2. the Giraffes "Bubble Scum" applesauce
3. Eye Flys "The Triumph of Hagbard Celine" thrill jockey
4. Kyle Craft "O! Lucky Hand" sub pop
5. Gabriel Black (feat. phem) "dead yet"
6. the Shivas "Gloria" tender loving empire
7. Iggy Pop "Sonali" loma vista
8. Perry Farrell "Let's All Pray For This World" bmg
9. beabadoobee "She Plays Bass" dirty hit
10. San Fermin "The Living" sony
11. ROCH "I Love to You"

-Hour 2-

12. Bon Iver "iMi" jagjaguwar
13. More Giraffes "Playground"
14. Cigarettes After Sex "Heavenly" partisan
15. Dorian Concept "Toothbrush" brainfeeder
16. Floating Points "Last Bloom" ninja tune
17. Sudan Archives "Confessions" stones throw
18. Alessandro Cortini "BATTICUORE" mute
19. !!! "Ur Paranoid" warp
20. Ra Ra Riot "Belladonna"
21. Battles(feat. Sal Principato) "Titanium 2 Step" warp
22. Karen O & Danger Mouse "Drown"
23. NOFX "Fish in a Gun Barrel" fat wreck chord
24. Moonlight Breakfast "Summer" echoism


Post Labor Day weekend so you get a Tuesday update. Calm yourselves, I know all 57 of you have been anxiously awaiting this weeks New Noize, so here we go.

Yes I opened New Noize with all 15 minutes and 43 seconds of TOOLs next to last track 7empest (it also bangs the hardest) I for one am happy that Tool is back with their potentially last album. There are only a few stand out songs but Fear Inoculum begs to be listened to cover to cover in it's entirety.


Even though I am on my game sometimes things slip through even my fingers and HOW I could miss the Giraffes new album Flowers in the Cosmos back in April. Well it happened and I'm sorry. If you like that NYC rock then you need to get up on the Giraffes.

IDK who the Shivas are, but if this single is any indication of what this potentially new record is going to sound like, I'm in. Also IDK who ROCH is but I'm glad I rolled the dice, its just plain good.


Hour 2 clearly has more BPM than the hour 1 & that was done on purpose. Stonethorw's Sudan Archives comes with her new single "Confessions" along with new BATTLES! I am seeing Karen O & Danger Mouse later this week down in LA so I had to revisit my favorite song "Down" from Lux Prima.

Lastly there are a lot of things I can go into September (and I will) but I will focus on 1 thing, Carole and Tuesday. This one is for all my music Industry folks. FULL WARNING THIS IS ANIME ITS OK FELLOW HUMANS ITS A LEGIT MEDIUM AND JUST FOR ONCE Please watch Carole and Tuesday.


Shinichirō Watanabe does it AGAIN and through this anime weaves a whimsical look into the current music industry referencing current trends, sentiments and technology. I have always been a fan of Watanabe as he is one of the only Anime directors that depicts so much diversity for human and non-humans alike. This is the guy who did Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. I have only made it to episode 4 but I can say Carole and Tuesday has some of the best original music I have heard in 2019.


The timeline takes place a decade from now (maybe more) on Mars and there are SO MANY relevant references to music/artists/bands/art/etc you will have to re-watch this series just to catch'em all. I'm pretty sure they put FKA TWIGS in this anime. The story follows 2 artists struggling to find their voice, dealing with adult hood, surviving the city of Alba, and navigating the "industry" while cultivating their new found friendship. Carole and Tuesday come from 2 very different worlds but so far these differences do not deter this blossoming relationship. In fact, much like real life friendships their history is revealed AFTER they make the universal connection, and that connection is music. It feels so familiar, to be young and meet a complete stranger & become in sync within nanoseconds through the cosmic magic of liking the same audio frequency. This initial connection is elusive but when it happens, it for me is the best thing about being human. I speak from personal experience and thats what Shinichirō Watanabe has captured. This moment, this felling, this magic, this instance in episode one and carries it throughout the series. Feels like my youth, feels like NYC.


I am currently working on trying to get some of the original music from this anime onto New Noize, so stay tuned for that. For now I have compiled a fun playlist based on the episodes in chronological order, oh yeah in the mid-transitions of these episodes Watanabe flashes a 45s. The 45s are are real, and they are also the title of that particular episode (Watanabe you are my boy, you are my GOD). So here is the episode list of that are currently available on Netflix. Again YES these are the titles for each episode:

True Colors
Born to Run
Fire and Rain
Video Killed the Radio Star
Every Breath You Take
Life Is a Carnival
Show Me The Way
All the Young Dudes
Dancing Queen
River Deep, Mountain High
With or Without You
We've Only Just Begun



The 2nd 1/2 of Carole and Tuesday will be releasing hopefully soon on Netflix. For now, especially if you are in the music industry watch this.

Did I mention that both Flying Lotus and Thundercat are in this anime? Yeah they are in this anime


8/25/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Kim Gordon "Sketch Artist" matador
2. Boris "Love" thirdman
3. METZ "Pig"(Sparklehorse cover) sub pop
4. Eye Flys "Crushing of the Human Spirit" thrill jockey
5. Russian Circles "Kohokia" sargent house
6. Thom Yorke & Flea "Daily Battles"
7. the Flaming Lips (f_ Mick Jones) "Feedaloodum Beedle Dot" warner
9. Julien Chang "Butterflies from Monaco" transgressive
10. DIIV "Taker" captured tracks
11. Tummyache "Median" poor man
12. the 1975 "People" interscope
13. the Shelters "You're Different" warner

-Hour 2-

14. Venus Furs "Guards in the Garden"
15. Faux Ferocious "Good Times Ahead" burger
16. AJR "Dear Winter" bmg
17. Great Grandpa "Mono No Aware" double double whammy
18. Ships Have Sailed "Stay"
19. Lower Dens "Galapagos"
20. Joyero "Steepest Stairs" merge
21. Gavin Haley "Show Me" red bull
22. Eliza and the Delusionals "Just Exist" cooking vinyl
23. Crooked Ghost "Sinew in Red" 861642
24. Olivia I Barker "Change Your Mind"
25. Cautious Clay "Swim Home" interscope
26. COMA "A-Train" city slang
27. Frankie Cosmos "Wannago" sub pop



Not On Spotify:
6. Thom Yorke & Flea "Daily Battles"
14. Venus Furs "Guards in the Garden"
15. Faux Ferocious "Good Times Ahead" burger


Almost the end of summer and I am making the most of it. This past Saturday I saw the Yankees lose to the Dodgers (but they won the series Jerry, yeah I am talking to you!), saw Boris Belchin at exchange and then hit a warehouse party where Incognito was supposedly spinning. My head didn't hit my friends air mattress until about 6AM...So yeah Sunday drive up to Santa Barbara was especially hard since I apparently had to cover the Reggae Soundclash last hour as the Cool Rullah got a last minute call to announce Iration at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Welcome to my life, lucky for me I had the foresight to see this clusterfuck and setup my show Thursday night just in case.

I wanted to start the show off with some of the most exciting news of 2019, KIM GORDON SOLO RECORD! A bit surprising that a solo record is coming so late from this force of nature, but it is. I'm looking forward to hearing how this is going to be different from her work with Sonic Youth, Free Kitten & Body/Head. Check out the single, you will understand.


METZ is out with new old shit with their cover of Sparklehorse's "PIG". OH and talking about METZ they are featured on a new video game soundtrack called "Freedom Finger". I am buying this game for my Nintendo Switch just to listen this insane mix of bands featuring Red Fang, METZ, Power Trip, Com Truise, White Fence, Ty Segall, Makeup and Vanity Set, True Widow, The Radio Dept., Danimal Cannon, Drab Majesty, John Maus, Vektroid, Cleaners from Venus, Male Gaze, Ezee Tiger, The Mall, and more...check this trailer

School maybe in session soon but I'm extending my summer well into next month. I am going to LA next weekend to check Karen O & Danger Mouse on Friday (and hopefully Saturday, label willing). Later that month I will be checking Russian Circles in Ventura & BORIS in Camarillo. There is more on the schedule but it escapes me. What shows are you going to? And more importantly what shows are WE going to?


Also good luck to all who are drafting their Fantasy Football teams. I am in 3 leagues this year.

8/18/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Bent Knee "Hold Me In"
2. Local Natives "When Am I Gonna Lose You" loma vista
3. Spoon "No Bullets Spent" matador
4. oso oso "dig" triple crown
5. Babe Rainbow "Many Moons Of Love" 30th century
6. the Hives "Good Samaritan"
7. Strung Out "Under the Western Sky" fat wreck chords
8. Black Belt Eagle Scout "My Heart Dreams" saddle creek
9. RIDE "Future Love" wichita
10. Shura "forever" Secretly Canadian
11. Claud "Miss You"
12. Automatic "Too Much Money" stones throw
13. Ross From Friends "Epiphany" brainfeeder
14. Tourist "Bunny" monday
15. Salami Rose Joe Louis "Sitting with Thoughts" brainfeeder
16. Cones "Moonstone" dangerbird

Hour 2

17. Russian Circles "Sinaia" sargent house
18. The Flaming Lips(feat Mick Jones) "Electric Fire" warner
19. BABYMETAL "Elevator Girl(English Ver)" cooking vinyl
20. Alexander Tucker "Montag" thrill jockey
21. Bat for Lashes "The Hunger" awal
22. Miynt "Subway Madness" B3SCI
23. Wildlife "Euphoria" culvert music
24. Velvet Negroni "KURT KOBAIN" 4ad
25. the Bird and the Bee (feat Beck) "Hot For Teacher" Van Halen cover release me
26. Kayzo & Our Last Night "Alone" welcome
27. Alexandra Savior "Saving Grace" 30th century
28. Big Thief "Not" 4ad



Not On Spotify:
1. Bent Knee "Hold Me In"
20. Alexander Tucker "Montag" thrill jockey
27. Alexandra Savior "Saving Grace" 30th century


EID MUBARAK YA'LL. That’s the reason there was no New Noize last week, but I'm back with a 2 hour mix which is strong in its diversity. Bat for Lashes, Flaming Lips (who's new record, Kings Mouth, feels like a majestic run down Snake Way after you leave King Kai’s house), Russian Circles, freaking STRUNG OUT and one of the best covers of 2019 "Hot for Teacher" featuring BECK by the Bird and the Bee. Do yourself some good and follow my playlist on Spotify so you can get an auto update every Monday (well almost every Monday) to the New Noize mix.


I had a solid weekend & besides boring you with all the dope details I'll share 1. I saw the Cat Power this past Saturday and it hit all my feels. She is one of my favorite artists that plays with silence as if it’s a musical instrument. She made it through the whole set and it was an slow burn of throughout the entire show. Mostly bleeding songs into one another she and her band did not do a lot of "breaks". I may have been a bit moist in the eye area but my allergies were on fire (they weren't, it was an emotionally riveting show that spoke directly to the sickly soul and caressed is with no judgments whatsoever. If my friend Haley didn't hold my hand during the whole show I may have totally broke down, yes both me and Kanye have "gentle sentimental's") Thanks to the people that hooked this up (killer seats so great full THANK YOU AGAIN, you know who you are), the fine staff at the Lobero Theater and of course Cat Power.

For those that will be in LA this weekend, so will I! I will be seeing the Yankees take on the Dodgers, which I believe is a preview to the World Series. If you are in the hood, hit me up! I will be donned in full Yankee regalia.


8/4/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard "Planet B" flightless
2. Monolord "The Bastard Son" relapse
3. DragonForce "Highway to Oblivion" metal blade
4. Bad Wolves "I'll Be There" eleven seven
5. Foals "Black Bull"
6. Iggy Pop "James Bond" loma vista
7. ROCH "All Time Favourite Girl"
8. Safer "Sleepless Nights"
9. BAD CHILD "Breathing Fire" universal
10. Mikal Cronin "Show Me" merge
11. Miss June "Best Girl" frenchkiss
12. Ezra Furman "Evening Prayer aka Justice" bella union

-Hour 2-

13. Starcrawler "Bet My Brains" rough trade
14. BORIS "Peaches" trash-up
15. Meg & Dia "American Spirit" pure noise
16. San Mei "Something Good" etcetc
17. Janet May "Lessons To Learn" avenue a
18. Sleater-Kinney "Can I Go On" mom+pop
19. G Flip "Stupid" future classic
20. Boniface "Wake Me Back Up" transgressive
21. Angie McMahon "Keeping Time" dualtone music group
22. Beeef "Little Guys" 581977
23. Orange Animal "Dive" john ramsey
24. Miynt "The Idiot" B3SCI
25. Flying Lotus "Remind U" warp
26. Cuco "Ego Death In Thailand" interscope


Ok yes, this New Noize post is late but its been a whirlwind of a week. Tool is finally on Spotify, Fiesta Week here in Santa Barbara, and the most important thing had to be EVO this past weekend, especially if you are Pakistani. Why? Arslan Ash came out and absolutely BODIED the entire Tekken 7 circuit. Lets be honest for a hot minute, in America there are very few "positive" reflections of "us". This is changing with people like Aziz, Mindy and Hassan, but lets take an amazing show that know for its inclusive and diversity, EUPHORIA. This HBO show is fantastic but apparently in this surreal portrait of Americana all Asians are non-existent or stuck in AP class. The season ended in a freaking musical sign off very reminiscent of EVERY BOLLYWOOD movie in existence yet not one South Asian kid even in the exit number?


Enter the chosen one, a kid that put an entire nation on his back, Arslan Ash. All of his wins prior to this were deemed by almost everyone as "flukes" as he came out of no where. This warrior won EVO Japan and people still doubted him until this weekend. He ran through the competition, easily made it to the top 8 where he continued his domination and the finals. After wining he knelt to the ground (as all Muslims do 5x a day) to give thanks to the almighty and reinforced all that in all his messaging while including his mom.

IDK who took this picture but whoever it was THANK YOU FOR CAPTURING THIS HISTORIC MOMENT

IDK who took this picture but whoever it was THANK YOU FOR CAPTURING THIS HISTORIC MOMENT

I'm not crying, your crying. As you read this you may think this is not a big deal, you are WRONG. We are not represented in anything sports related at all, Baseball, basketball, hockey, football, USA soccer, until now. This is all thanks to the Fighting Game Community, specifically the EVOLUTION tournament. A tournament like no other in the world, a TRULY INCLUSIVE tournament. Pro, amateur, male, female, trans, gay, straight (or any spectrum) any race, any creed and any age as long as you are human you can enter. I am glad to be a part of this community and thankful for its existence.


For all those that missed it, here is the championship bout between the Tekken GOD Arslan Ash vs Knee(a Tekken GOD in his own right, only he gets crushed)

and here is the dude on ESPN:

This happened on Sunday as I was covering the Reggae Soundclash before switching over to New Noize and let me tell you I was HYPED for a solid 2 hours. Since I was on full tilt I kicked off the show with a healthy dose of metal and smoothed out the rest of the 2 hours with all the latest jams. I am really digging this band called Miynt. Their new album "Stay on Your Mind" is thick with solid jams that will fill your space with dopeness


Lastly I'm seeing Flylo on Thursday, its his 1st show of his new tour and I will have loads to say about that as well as giving you another 2 hours of New Noize come next Sunday.

Getting back to EVO...

You know I am a Dragonball FightersZ guy here is the finals between SonicFox vs GO1 (again IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE) and yes my GUY SonicFox maynot have won Dragonball FightersZ but he did end up winning Mortal Kombat 11.

My GUY SonicFox may not have won Dragonball FightersZ but he did end up winning Mortal Kombat 11.

This time for reals, see you next Sunday.