4/7/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Holy Fawn "Yawning"
2. Spotlights "Xerox"
3. Full of Hell "Burning Myrrh"
4. Baroness "Borderlines"
5. HARAM "The Solution (is Resistance)"
6. Titus Andronicus "(I Blame) Society"
7. PUP "Sibling Rivalry"
8. Big Business "Abdominal Snowman"
9. Brutus "Cemetery"
10. Starcrawler "Pet Sematary"
11. White Fang "Big Silly Baby"
12. Mac DeMarco "All Of Our Yesterdays"
13. the Get Up Kids "The Problem Is Me"
14. the Jins "She Said"

-Hour 2-

15. Priests "Youtube Sartre"
16. Lil Nas X (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) "Old Town Road"
17. Interpol "The Weekend"
18. NRVS LVRS "Whatever & Ever"
19. Lady Lamb "Oh My Violence"
20. Last Dinosaurs "Italo Disco"
21. Stef Chura "Method Man"
22. HÆLOS "End Of World Party"
24. GRiZ (ft Yoshi Flower)"Maybe"
25. Diane Coffee "Like A Child Does"
26. Big Thief "Cattails"
27. Julia Shapiro "Natural"
28. Ioanna Gika "Out Of Focus"


Not On Spotify:
2. Spotlights "Xerox"
5. HARAM "The Solution (is Resistance)"


I got stung by a bee today in the neck. I am not allergic but the last time I was stung by a bee I was still in single digits. I called my mom cause when I freak out I call my mom, and I was freaking. The wise matriarch dropped 2 valuable tidbits to help me.

1- Put iron on it. Yes, she meant actual metal. I thought it was weird plus I don't work in a mine or garage so I don't have bits of scrap metal just hanging out.

2- And I quote "Stop being such a baby, you are a 39 year old man" Sorry mom but my neck hurts...


Enjoy New Noize, see you next Sunday.

3/31/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Helms Alee "Spider Jar"
2. Plague Vendor "New Comedown"
3. WARGIRL "Mess Around"
4. Perry Farrell "Pirate Punk Politician"
5. TACOCAT "Hologram" sub pop
6. The Dodos "The Surface"
7. Sebadoh "Stunned"
8. Savoir Adore "Bloom"
9. Lizzo feat. Missy Elliott "Tempo"
10. Mini Masions "Hey Lover"
11. Ra Ra Riot "Bad To Worse"
12. Cage the Elephant feat. Beck "Night Running"
13. *repeat repeat "Hi, I'm Waiting"
14. The Jins "She Said"
15. Soft Science "Sooner"

-Hour 2-

16. black midi "Crows Perch"
18. Above The Sun "Dumb"
19. Aldous Harding "The Barrel"
20. Guards "Take My Mind"
21. The Desert "Gone"
22. Bea1991 "My Own Heaven"
23. M83 "La Caverne" mute
24. Tame Impala "Patience"
25. Schoolboy Q "Numb Numb Juice"
26. Chai "I'm Me"
27. Pink Mexico "Girlfriend" burger
28. K A R Y Y N "EVER"


April is here, super-bloom is happening all California. I am going outside, you should to.


3/24/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Oozing Wound "Die On Mars"
2. Whitechapel "Black Bear"
3. Mom & The Mailman "Look Over There"
4. the Kings Circle Of Friends Man "That I Am"
5. Beach Slang "AAA"
6. Tame Impala "Patience"
7. Mating Ritual "U.N.I."
8. The National "You Had Your Soul With You"

INTERVIEW WITH Dave Hause - Playing the Imperial this Thursday

9. Dave Hause "Saboteurs"
10. The Get Up Kids "Satellite"
11. Lambchop "Crosswords, or what this says about you
12. Mallrat "Groceries"

-Hour 2-

13. Mint Field "Ella Se Queda
14. Kiefer "Cute" stones throw
15. Rejoicer(ft Iogi) "Heavy Smoke" stones throw
16. Nikitch & Kuna Maze "ZBRA"
17. M83 "Karl" Knife + Heart (Official Soundtrack)
18. Lizzo "Juice" atlanitc
19. Foster The People "Style"
20. Apparat "HEROIST"
21. Schoolboy Q "Numb Numb Juice"
22. Vampire Weekend "Sunflower"
23. Karen O & Dangermouse "Drown" bmg
24. JR JR - Big Bear Mountain"
25. Nilufer Yanya "In Your Head" ato
26. Chai "Great Job" burger
27. Du Blonde "Buddy"
28. Loanne Gika "Swan"


New Noize from this Sunday. I am playing Sekiro shadows die twice and I have died way more than twice.


3/17/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Karen O & Danger Mouse "Turn The Light" bmg
2. Vampire Weekend "Sunflower"
3. Kiefer "Sunny" stonesthrow
4. Your 33 Black Angels "Hott Funn"
5. Mac DeMarco "Nobody" mac's
6. Pink Mexico "Prescription Overdose (POD)" burger
7. the National "You Had Your Soul With You" 4ad
8. Stephen Malkmus "Boss Viscerate" matador
9. Matmos "Thermoplastic Riot Shield"
10. Big Thief "UFOF" 4ad
11. the Get Up Kids "Satellite" polyvinyl
12. Pixx "Disgrace" 4ad
13. THE URBAN SEA "Underground Love" the a&r department
14. Soak "Déjà Vu" rough trade
15. Meg Myers "Running Up That Hill" 300 entertainment
16. Priests "Good Time Charlie" sister polygon

Hour 2

17. Chai "This is Chai" burger
18. NO WIN "Vision" dangerbird
19. Ex Hex "Cosmic Cave" merge
20. Orville Peck "Buffalo Run" sub pop
21. Coathangers "Bimbo" suicide squeeze
22. Royal Trux (feat Kool Keith) "Get Used to This" fat possum
23. the Faint "Chameleon Nights" saddle creek
24. MANICS "Embrace" dim mak
25. Husky Loops "Lets Go For Nothing" century
26. SASAMI (feat Devendra Banhart) "Free" domino
27. Whyte Horses (feat La Roux) "The Best of It" crc
28. Moving Panoramas "Add Heart" modern outside
29. Stella Donnelly "Tricks" secretly canadian
30. Durand Jones & the Indications "Don't You Know" dead oceans
31. Indoor Pets "Good Enough"



Not On Spotify
4. Your 33 Black Angels "Hott Funn"
20. Orville Peck "Buffalo Run" sub pop


Sorry for taking last Sunday off. Why you may ask...

Well as of 3/9 this will be my final year being in my 30s. Yes its a weird coincidence that I turned 39 on 3/9. I did a lot of stuff, went to Desert X in Palm Springs/Coachella/Salton Sea (I'll post some pictures on this site) saw some Tennis, saw Nicole Moudaber saw Julia Holter, went to a rave and ate at many MANY fine establishments including Manuelas & Petit Trois in LA. It was a good weekend but i think I'm still paying for it weeks later. So yeah, older, wiser, & better overall. I hate getting older but damn sun it looks good on me.


Enough ego stroking here is the most recent New Noize playlist. SO MUCH AMAZING in 2 hours. Too many good rerecords to count so I advise to just hit play on track 1 of the playlist and let that bitch ride.

See you next Sunday.

gsmrm riphy.gif

PS check out Love, Death & Robots. If you grew up with anime in the late 80s and 90s this level of maturity will not shock you, if you are new to the anime game then strap in.