3/24/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Oozing Wound "Die On Mars"
2. Whitechapel "Black Bear"
3. Mom & The Mailman "Look Over There"
4. the Kings Circle Of Friends Man "That I Am"
5. Beach Slang "AAA"
6. Tame Impala "Patience"
7. Mating Ritual "U.N.I."
8. The National "You Had Your Soul With You"

INTERVIEW WITH Dave Hause - Playing the Imperial this Thursday

9. Dave Hause "Saboteurs"
10. The Get Up Kids "Satellite"
11. Lambchop "Crosswords, or what this says about you
12. Mallrat "Groceries"

-Hour 2-

13. Mint Field "Ella Se Queda
14. Kiefer "Cute" stones throw
15. Rejoicer(ft Iogi) "Heavy Smoke" stones throw
16. Nikitch & Kuna Maze "ZBRA"
17. M83 "Karl" Knife + Heart (Official Soundtrack)
18. Lizzo "Juice" atlanitc
19. Foster The People "Style"
20. Apparat "HEROIST"
21. Schoolboy Q "Numb Numb Juice"
22. Vampire Weekend "Sunflower"
23. Karen O & Dangermouse "Drown" bmg
24. JR JR - Big Bear Mountain"
25. Nilufer Yanya "In Your Head" ato
26. Chai "Great Job" burger
27. Du Blonde "Buddy"
28. Loanne Gika "Swan"


New Noize from this Sunday. I am playing Sekiro shadows die twice and I have died way more than twice.