11/11/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. the Smashing Pumpkins "Knights of Malta"
2. Muse "Algorithm"
3. Dramarama "Swamp Song"
4. J Mascis "Picking Out the Seeds" sub pop
5. Joan Jett "Fresh Start"
6. Iceage "Balm of Gilead" matador
7. Ra Ra Riot "This Time of Year"
8. Part Time "So Far Away" burger
9. Parquet Courts "We R In Control" (Neil Young Cover)
10. Cayucas "Jessica WJ"
11. Paddlefish "Box Don't Break" high diver
12. Piroshka "Everlastingly Yours"
13. the Frights "Over It"
14. Free Money "U Got Me"

-Hour 2-

15. Charles Bradley "I Feel a Change" duhmar
16. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thing"
17. Mother Mother "Get Up"
18. Mr Twin Sister "Alien FM" twin group
19. Joji "Test Drive" 88rising
20. Thom Yorke "Has Ended" xl
21. Alison Sudol "It's Really Raining" heart
22. Royal Trux "Every Day Swan"
23. Burning House "Mirror Song"
24. the Greeting Committee "Don't Go" harvest
25. Fight the Fury "My Demons"
26. Grapetooth "Blood" polyvinyl
27. Toro y Moi "Freelance" carpark
28. Thundercat, BadBadNotGood & Flying Lotus "King of the Hill" brainfeeder



Not On Spotify:
9. Parquet Courts "We R In Control" (Neil Young Cover)


I was going to do a write up on my fun weekend but that seems kinda pointless with the mass shooting south of here along with all of southern California burning down with our commander in chief not helping out at all, and in fact criticizing the "mismanagement" of how this is being handled.

The most devastating news came today as Stan Lee's amazing run in this thing we call life has ended. Myself and generations of humans owe this man untold amounts of praise and glory. He made my childhood, fueled my imagination and inspired countless people around the world.


Rest in Peace king of kings, Excelsior.

11/4/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. the Ocean "Permian: The Great Dying"
2. Slipknot "All Out Life"
3. Mother Feather "Red Hot Metal"
4. THEM "Circuitous"
5. Sick Of It All "Bulls Anthem" fat wrech chords
6. the Casualties "So Much Hate"
7. Hedge Fund "True Romance"
8. Part Time (feat Ariel Pink) "I Can Treat You Better" burger
9. Royal Tux (feat Kool Kieth) "Get Used To This"
10. J. Mascis "Web So Dense" sub pop
11. Pill "Fruit"
12. Grapetooth "Blood" polyvinyl
13. Pedro the Lion "Yellow Bike" polyvinyl

-Hour 2-

14. Thundercat, BadBadNotGood & FLying Lotus "King of the Hill" brainfeeder
15. Thom Yorke "Olga Destruction" xl
16. Joji (Clams Casinos) "Get Over You" 88rising
17. Stimulator Jones "Drive Through the Night" stonesthrow
18. Toro y Moi "Freelance" carpark
19. Yuno "No Going Back" sub pop
20. Broncho "Sandman"
21. RÜFÜS DU SOL Lost In My Mind"
22. Poppy (feat Grimes) "Play Destroy"
23. White Lies "Believe It"
24. Beach House "Alien" sub pop
25. Tallies "Mother" kanine
26. Deer Tick "Hey Yeah"
27. Deerhunter "Death in Midsummer"


2018 where are you going? Already November and time is just slipping so fast I can't keep up. So much has happened over the last few days. Saw Toro y Moi this past Thursday kick off his tour here in Santa Barbara of all places. It was a funky fresh time.


Saw the remake of Suspiria and am please to say it is great. Freaking bonkers is more like it but a great spin on the original and a must see for any film lover of any genre. Then ending is pure madness. Both Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson rocked the crap out of their roles and whoever is responsible for the choreography BRAVO! If you have been paying attention to New Noize over past 3 months you know I have been playing selections off the Suspiria soundtrack consistently and it has quickly catapulted its way in my top 10 of 2018 so far. 2018 has been a banner year for new music including this week.


I went heavy on the metal in hour 1 and smoothed things out in the 2nd hour, go ahead and check it for yourself. You know I'll be back next week.

10/28/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Boygenius "Bite the Hand"
2. Pete Bjorn & John "Gut Feeling" ingrid
3. Lost Under Heaven "Post Millennial Tension"
4. Ian Sweet "Holographic Jesus" hardly arts
5. Bob Mould "Sunshine Rock"
6. Holy Ghost "Anxious"
7. Husky Loops "Everytime I Run"
8. EtheReal & Fourth Star "Political Science"
9. Julia Holter "Whether" domino
10. Beirut "Gallipoli"
11. Amigo the Devil "Everyone Gets Left Behind"
12. Moving Panoramas "Baby Blues"
13. Girlpool "When You Sink"
14. Autopilot "Living Dead"

-Hour 2-

15. Beach House "Alien" sub pop
16. Toro y Moi "Freelance"
17. Jamila Woods "Giovanni"
18. PAINT "Moldy Man"
19. Outrageous Cherry "the Beginning of the End of the Night" burger
20. Thom Yorke "Unmade" xl
21. Daughters "Satan In The Wait"
22. Elvis Costello & the Imposters "Unwanted Number" concord
23. Pill "Midtown"
24. Antarctigo Vespucci "Freakin’ U Out"
25. Thurston Moore "Klangfarben...And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv (Part 2)"


Not On Spotify:

8. EtheReal & Fourth Star "Political Science"
13. Girlpool "When You Sink"
19. Outrageous Cherry "the Beginning of the End of the Night" burger
25. Thurston Moore "Klangfarben...And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv (Part 2)"


Happy Halloween party people and what a weekend it has been. I saw Sting and Shaggy last night and it was fantastic. It was mostly all Sting/Police songs but Mr Loverlover had key moments where he would bust out some of his catalog. It was a nice way to say bye to the 2018 Santa Barbara Bowl season. The SBBowl was good to me this year, some highlights include Arctic Monkeys, alt J, LCD Soundsystem, Portugal the Man, Lizzo opening for HAIM, the KJEE Summer Round Up (Duh), Rise Against, the National, Khruangbin opening for Leon Bridges and the BEST SHOW of 2018 Mr. Jack White


Later this week I'll be seeing Toro Y Moi and he best break out his alter ego Les Sins and give me some tracks off of Micheal. The other thing I will be checking this week is the remake of Suspira and it better be good (If its as good as Thom Yorke's soundtrack its gonna be amazing). Which brings me to an interesting query, how come they only remake amazingly good movies? I mean how many times have you seen a flick in the theaters and been "I could have done better than that?" If I were a director I would only remake terrible movies into fanatic ones, I’m looking at you "The Big Hit" (My god this movie was terrible).


See you next week, enjoy the New Noize Playlist.


10/21/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Snail Mail "The 2nd Most Beautiful Girls the World"
2. Girlpool "When You Sink"
3. Cloud Nothings "Offer An End" carpark
4. Young the Giant "Superposition"
5. Ballyhoo! "Detonate"
6. Yam Haus "Get Somewhere"
7. Mathew Dear (feat Tegan & Sara) "Horses" ghostly international
8. Mini Mansion "Midnight in Tokyo"
9. Castlecomer "Fire Alarm" concord
10. Tom Morello (feat Portugal the Man & Whethan) "Every Step That I Take"

-Hour 2-

11. Jamila Woods "Giovanni"
12. Thom Yorke "Open Again" xl
13. Little Dragon "Lover Chanting"
14. Sharon Van Etten "Comeback Kid".
15. Ocean Alley "Confidence" unified
16. St Vincent "Savior" loma vista
17. Outrageous Cherry "Meet You In the Shadows" burger
18. Le Butcherettes "strong/Enough" rise
19. Maggie Rogers "Light On"
20. Daughters "The Reason They Hate Me"
21. Direct Hit "Perfect Black" fat wreck chords
22. Big Bliss "Surface"
23. Sleepwalkers "Wake Up"
24. Superorganism "Night Time


Not On Spotify:

1. Snail Mail "The 2nd Most Beautiful Girls the World"
2. Girlpool "When You Sink"
17. Outrageous Cherry "Meet You In the Shadows" burger


Have I told you how much I love Rocktober cause I do oh so very much. The beginning of the week the gods of diseases tried to infect me with whatever is going around the greater Santa Barbara are and I was not having that at all. Needless to say I took ALL the east and west methodologies of medicine on overload. I ATE ALL THE MEDICINE and it worked, kinda.


Saw my hommie Mike, you know him by his proper name,. Micheal Myers and despite being hella old he still as brutal as ever. I recommend seeing the new Halloween movie, it's got some brutal scenes and if you are a fan of this particular slashed series its a must watch.

Friday night was a show night at the Santa Barbara Bowl and got to see Mini Mansions as well as Arctic Monkeys. Both were acts were stellar and Santa Barbara came to PARTY on Saturday, you could taste the fun. On top of that Mikey Shuman was nice enough to call in Sunday night during New Noize and we had conversation interview style.


Saturday the madness did not stop as I headed down to LA for Demon Dayz, the Gorillaz music festival and despite the venue everything was pretty over the top. Got to see Little Simz, Ana Tijoux, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble the Internet, a hella short but solid Erykah Badu set and to close it out the motherfuckin Gorrilaz. This collective has come a LONG way since the their 1st tour back in 01 where I saw em at the Electric Factory in Philly playing their whole 1st record (and Clint Eastwood twice) entirely behind a screen and never showing their faces. It was fantastic to see the new animations and some old videos being re-purposed for this set.

Enjoy the New Noize playlist this week. Next week I will be doing a special New Noize "Halloween Themed" set, so if you got something to recommend with the spirit of the season send it my way.