12/27/15 BEST OF 2015 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

32. Producer Snafu "8 Bit Crisp"
31. Nocturnal Sunshine (feat Cat Napp) "Down by the River"
30. Lapalux "Midnight Peelers" brainfeeder
29. A Place to Bury Strangers "Love High" dead oceans  
28. Panda Bear "Butcher Baker Candle Stick Maker" domino
27. the Prodigy "Nasty" three six zero
26. Ghostface Killah (feat Raekwon) "Blackout"
25. Failure "Atom City Queen" INresidence/failure
24. Guilty Simpson "the D" stonesthrow
23. Tame Impala "Cause I'm A Man" modular
22. Kamasi Washington "Final Thought" brainfeeder
21. Meow the Jewels "Oh My Darling Don't Meow" mass appeal
20. Hudson Mohawke "Ryderz" warp
19. Courtney Barnett "Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the Party" mom+pop
18. Kendrick Lamar "Alright" interscope
17. Bjork "Quicksand" one little indian  
16. J Mascis & Kim Gordon "Slow Boy" converse
15. BADBADNOTGOOD (feat Ghostface Killah & DOOM) "Ray Gun" lex
14. FKA Twigs "Glass and Patron" young turks
13. Thundercat "Lone Wolf & Cub" brainfeeder
12. Deaf Wish "Pain" sub pop
11. Mitski "I Don't Smoke" double double whammy
10. Knxwledge "shuremng" stonesthow
9. METZ "Nervous System" sub pop
8. Ratatat "Colf Fingers" xl
7. Earl Sweatshirt "Faucet" columbia
6. Marriages "Less Than" sargent house
5. the Dead Weather "Be Still" thirdman
4. Father John Misty "Bored in the USA"  sub pop
3. Chastity Belt "Cool Slut" hardy art
2. DOOMSTARKS "Lively Hood" adult swim/ william st
1. Le Butcherettes "Take a Step Back" ipecac

The hills are alive with the sound of the #NewNoize! Specifically the best tracks from 2015. There was a TON of amazing new music to come out this year and I did my best to pack it all into 2 hours. SO MANY artist and bands didn't make this cut, I wish I could fit it all in but unfortunately I have not yet figured out how to bend time and space but don't worry, thats my 2016 New Years Resolution. 

It was a Banner Year for Music. Ghostface Killah owned 2015 despite what all the other "Best Of" lists say. He was involved in 3 separate full length projects (4 if you want to include 36 Seasons that came out 4th qt 2014) DOOMSTARKS supposedly is coming out next year, fingers crossed. I was a bit sore about Dead Weather NOT touring for Dodge and Burn but I did get to meet Jack White along with the rest of the band at a "secret" location in LA so its cool. Biggest surprises in the top 10 are Marriages and Chastity Belt records, both came out of left field. I got to see Marriages open from Boris in Slo CA back in 2014 and dug their live set then this record came out this year and my brain melted away. Chastity Belt is one of those bands that better not fade to black cause Time to Go Home is solid from start to finish. We all knew that Father John's follow up was gonna be good, but I don't think anyone knew how over the top it was going to be. From the vinyl foldout music box function to the warped records debacle (which were replaced) I Love You, Honeybear is exactly what you didn't expect that exceeded expectations.

All things groovy was an ongoing theme this year, from Thundercats The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam to artists like Knxwledge, Ratatat, Lapalux, Panda Bear & Hudson Mohawke it was all about the beats, jamz and bass lines. Oh and yes there was a jazz record including on this list via Kamasi Washington

And lets not forget noise noise noise. METZ, Deaf Wish, A Place to Bury Strangers all have thick, fuzzy and oh so delightful full lengths but the track that gets me all tingly inside was the J Mascis & Kim Gordon "Slow Boy" track that Converse put out earlier this year. Now Converse just needs to make Kim Gordon style Chucks and my kick collection will be perfect.  

Teresa Su├írez is a force of etherial nature that can not be stopped only recorded in time for future generations to be awestruck that this entity walked among us.   

*Brief Programing Note: I know Mitski Bury Me at Makeout Creek came out in 2014 BUT i didn't get up on it until 2015. I know its rare but some records do fly under even my radar. To amend this oversight I included it in the Best Of 2015 list. It's a great record, you should totally pick it up, or anything else on this list

See ya next year