10/10/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. GOAT “Try My Robe” sub pop
2. Tycho “Glider”
3. SURVIVE “Dirt” relapse
4. MNDSGN “Use Yo Mind” stonesthrow  
5. Maderia “Manipulator” carpark
6. The Weeknd “False Alarm”
7. Warpaint “Heads Up” rough trade
8. Adrian Young “Systems”
9. M.I.A. “Bird Song (Blaqstarr Remix)” 
10. Danny Brown (feat Petite Noir) “Rolling Stone” warp
11. Bibio (feat Oliver) “Stress Me Out” 
12. Captain Murphy “Crowned” adult swim
13. Gallant “Weight In Gold” 
14. Garden City Movement “She’s So Untouchable” 

-Hour 2- 

15. Crystal Fairy “Drugs on the Bus”
16. the Growlers “Dope on a Rope”
17. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Rings of Saturn”
18. Solange “Where Do We Go”
19. True Window “The Trapper and the Trapped” relapse
20. Metallica “Moth into the Flame”
21. Helms Alee “Andromenous” sargent house
22. Candiria “With Broken Bones” metal blade
23. LVL UP “I” sub pop
24. Autolux LIVE FROM THIRDMAN RECORDS “Capitol Kind of Strain” thirdman
25. How To Dress Well “Anxious” domino
26. the Posies “Unlikely Places”my music empire
27. the Wytches “Crest of Death”

Rocotober in full swing and the new music bus just keeps on turning. 3 huge surprises for this Sunday includes new music from the mysteriously mysterious entity known as GOAT, a crazy new intergalactic space trucking record from Tycho and another 2016 super group consisting of 2 Melvins, a Mars Volta dude and a chicka from Le Butherettes that call themselves Crystal Fairy. I have the full lengths for Tycho and GOAT, both are solid in their own way and I’m waiting on pins and razor blades for this full length from Crystal Fairy. Is there anything Theresa Suarez from Le Butcherettes can’t do? Pretty sure she can pilot a single engine WWII aircraft, free dive for abalone and fabricate her own inter dimensional space where she commands legions of never people to do her bidding, all while being a phenomal force in the current state of music as we know it. 

Another record I just got my paws on which twisted me back was the new Wytches record. This one hits me right in my adolescent heart which by the way hasn’t beaten in quite some time. Just give it a listen, from cover to cover this record sounds like it was lost in the shuffle of what was radio in 1994. 

One last thing, who is hyped for PSVR?