3/20/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock


1. Kristin Kontrol “X-Communicate” sub pop
2. M. Ward “Girl from Conejo Valley” merge
3. A Day to Remember “Paranioa” adtr
4. Fauna Shade “No Nostalgia”
5. the Big Pink “High Times” b3sci
6. Glitterbust “Soft Landing” burger
7. M83 “Do It, Try It”
8. John Williams “Snoke” (From Star Wars Awakens) walt disney
9. Flying Lotus “R2 Where Are You?”
10. Bat for Lashes “In Gods House” wb
11. Kendric Lamar “Untitled 05.109-21.2014”
12. Yeasayer “Silly Me” mute
13. Tacocat “I Hate the Weekend” hardly art
14. the Kills “Doing it to Death”

Killer week in new music, got my vinyls from Burger Records and have been spinning Glitterbust on the home studio, so freaking good.

It especially pairs well with the Division, new 3rd person shooter created by Ubisoft. How do I listen to vinyls while playing video games? Simple, I turn off the game music but keep the voice and sound effects on and blast that through the TV. Then I crank my stereo and boom, greatness! I highly recommend turning the subtitles on. 


Oh and I FINALLY got the soundtrack to Star Wars Force Awakens and had to give Snoke some love. Im gonna retire Star Wars HeadSpace from future playlists, ever since I got the record I have been playing it on New Noize, one of the best albums of 2016. If you haven’t heard it yet just buy the album and hit play, its amazing from cover to cover. 


Oh and can we talk about video games some more? The Division is a great so far, but the game of the month hands down is BROFORCE! It just shows you that you don’t have insane graphics as long as you have solid gameplay. I HIGHLY recommend this game, its one of my favs for 2016 so far…

In April Destiny is dropping an update, I guess they are feeling the heat from the Division. Will I play it, OF COURSE!!! But IDK how long my Destiny passion will burn, come May its DOOM time then NO MAN SKY on June 21, and lets not even get into PSVR, 2016 is definitely the year of the gamer.