3/6/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Glitterbust “the Highlight” burger
2. the Kills “Doing It To Death“ domino
3. Fatima Al Qadiri “Blows” Hyperdub
4. Mitsuki “Your Best American Girl” 
5. Mija “Zimmer - Escape (Durante Remix) (Mija x Fan Fiction NXC edit)” 
8. Methyl Ethel “Indee Fixe” 4ad
7. M83 “Do It, Try It” mute
8. J. Dilla “the Introduction” mass appeal
9. Yuck “Canonball” mame
10. Chambers “Yeagin Shone”
11. Glint “Guilded” votive
12. Samiyam feat Earl Sweatshirt “mirror” stones throw
13. Shag Kava (Rick Ruben Rewalr feat A-Track) “Jabba Flow” 
14. Prince Rama “Xtreme Now Energy” carpark 

It official. IM GOING TO JAPAN!

Plan is to leave Friday the 13th and come back memorial day weekend. I figured since I am turing 36 I should Enter the 36th Chamber. (I realize that this is a Wu-Tang reference to a Shaw brothers movie which is a Chinese kung-fu flick so slow down on the nerd rage.)

Please feel free to give me any and all advice you may have. If you know of dope music venues let a dude know. If you have any bands I should check out while I’m out there let me know. If you know where I can ride a dragon while drinking sake as I battle Gundam forces, let me know.  I am trying to connect to a bunch of labels right now as I spin a nice amount of Japanese bands on #NewNoize 

Things I am definitely doing in Nippon include:

Gonna eat everything that isn’t pork, I’m talking Goku level eating 

Sumo ya know

Possibly see an Eva running through the hillsides of Japan(Def gonna try my hardest to ride the Eva themed Bullet Train)

Catching a few baseball games, gotta visit Hideki Matsui old stomping grounds

Ghibli Museum is on the list (hoping this catbus picks me up)

Possibly see a whale shark 

Arcades GALORE!!!!

Or I might unknowingly stroll onto a gameshow and plummet to my death like this poor lady

And a whole lot more, I’m excited, scared and hyped. Again feel free to leave comments