4/10/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Com Truise “Diffraction” ghostly
2. Suuns “Translate” secretly Canadian
3. Autolux “Reappearing”
4. Hot Hot Heat “Kid Who Stays in the Picture” law liga
5. DJ Sun “Mystery”
6. Luh “Beneath the Concrete” mute
7. Sam Beam & Jessica Hoop “Kiss Me Quick” sub pop
8. Baauer feat MIA & G-Dragon “Temple”
9. Mike and the Melvins “Chicken N Dump” sub pop
10. Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals “Pink Balloons” 
11. M83 “Go” mute
12. Cellars “Sir Crazy” manifesto
13. Yeasayer “Divine Simulacrum” mute
14. Taco cat “Plan A/Plan B” hardly art
15. Tangerine “Tender” swoon
16. Teen Suicide “Living Proof” run for cover

The count down has begun in about 4 weeks I will be emerging in the land of the rising sun.