9/18/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. Kim Gordon “Murdered Out”
2. Kool Keith (feat DOOM) “Super Hero”
3. NOFX “Oxy-Moronic”
4. True Window “Theurgist” relapse
5. LVL UP “Hidden Driver”
6. Wovendhand “Come Brave” sargent house
7. Helms Alee “Bully Goat” sargent house
8. Merchandise “Lonesome Sound”
9. Lucvy dacus “Don’t Want to be Funny Anymore” matador
10. Sample “Blood On Me”
11. Bibio (feat oliver st louis) “Why So Serious”
12. Junior Boys “Baby Fat”
13. Miniature Tigers “I Dreamt I was A Cowboy”
14. natural Child “Now & then”
15. Overload “Mission to Mars”

-Hour 2-

16. M.I.A. “Ali R U OK?”
17. Danny Brown “Pnemonia” warp
18. Drugdealer (feat Sheer Agony) “The Real World”
19. Mac Miller (feat. Anderson .Paak) “Dang”
20. Bon Iver “33 GOD” jagjaguwar
21. Elohim “Hallucinating”
22. Chain Wallet “Faded Fight”
23. Crystal Castles “Chloroform”
24. How to Dress Well “Last Youth/Lost Youth” domino
25. Hoops “Give It Time” fat possum
26. Eva Under Fire “One Day”
27. Dawes “Quitter” hub
28. nots “New Structures” goner
29. Tuns “Mind Over Matter” royal mountain
30 Starbenders “Blood”

Cant talk must get back to the RISE OF IRON