1/8/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. Foxygen “Follow the Leader” jagjaguwar
2. Otherkin “Ay Ay”
3. the Better Chills “Ask Your Doctor”
4. the Georgia Flood “Whistle King”
5. 78RPM “Best Friend to Enemy”
6. Ten Fe Twist Your Arm”
7. Alle Farben “Bad Ideas” ultra
8. Maria Taylor “Free Song”
9. Hard Proof “Incendiary” modern outsider
10. Rubber Bucket “If U C My Enemies”
11. Lowland Hum “Palm Lines”
12. Dams of the West “Tell the Truth”
13. Julien Baker “Funeral Pyre”
14. the Molochs “No More Cryin’” innovative leisure

-Hour 2-

15. the xx “Say Something Loving”
16. Kyle Andrews “Uptop”
17. Thievery Corporation “Let the Chalice Blaze”
18. SOHN “Conrad”
19. Joyce Wright & Kay Franklin “Rocket Science” stonesthrow
20. Run the Jewels (feat Danny Brown) “Hey Kids” mass appeal
21. Nine Inch Nails “Burning Bright”
22. EYE “Mega Equipment for Popsicles” adult swim
23. Alluri “Evari Kasam (For Whos Sake)
24. Gabriel Garzon Montano “Crawl” stones throw
25. Dr. Wylie “Fines the Floor Breaker”
26. Letherette “Shanel” ninja tune
27. Japandroids “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” anti

A new year and already its shaping to be pretty impressive on the new music tip. Lets be honest, 2016 for all accounts was a fantastic year in music. As we emerge in 2017 let the cup runith over with new music and as you can see from this past Sundays shows I’m swing for the fences. Things to look forward to later this week includes the new Flaming Lips album which will be dropping on Friday! Also looking forward to all the 2017 tours announces going on, they got my head spinning and hopefully NIN expands their tour from the 1 show they are doing in NYC come July.

In other news man its been raining A-LOT in Santa Barbara, which is great for us here in California. It basically has to rain for the next 8 weeks in order for u Californians to recover from the drought that has been plaguing us for the past however many years. And big ups to my east coasters and all who are getting dumped on.

Besides mountains of snow falling from the heavens it looks its freaking freezing. Check out this dope gif, its call an “Ice Finger of Death” or a Brinicle, it kills all it touches…