3/12/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. Torgeir Waldemar "Sylvia (Southern People)" jansen plateproduksjon
2. the Afghan Wigs "Demon In Profile" sub pop
3. Hurray for the Riff Raff "Settle" sto
4. Fleet Foxes "Third of May" 
5. Rolling Blackouts C.F. "Sick Boy" sub pop
6. Minus the Bear "Last Kiss" suicide squeeze
7. the Feelies "Gone Gone Gone" sub pop
8. Jay Som "1 Billion DOgs" polyvinyl
9.  R. Stevie & Jason Falkner “I H8 PPL” bar none
10. Joseph and the Beasts "Tangled Tern" 
11. Methyl Ethel "L'Heure Des Sorcieres" 4AD
12. Portugal the Man "Feel It Still"
13. Strands of Oak "Quit It" dead oceans
14. Mark Langean Band "Beehive"
15. I Prevail "Alone"

-Hour 2- 

17. Kiki Hitomi "Yellow Story"
18. Bug vs Earth "Snakes Vs Rats"
19. Thundercat "Captain Stupido" brainfeeder
21. Cohen Beats "Get Started" stonesthrow
22. Porter Ray "My Mothers Words" sub pop
23. Karriem Riggins “Pay.gio” stonesthrow
24. Little Dragon "Sweet"
25. Findlay "Waste My Time"
26. Caged Animals "^^ & Away"
27. Vagabon "100 Years" father/daughter  
28. Maggie Rogers “On + Off”
29. Crystal Fairy "Moth Tongue" ipecac
30. Darkest Hour “Timeless Numbers” southern lord
31. Father John Misty “Ballad of the Dying Man” sub pop

BIG UPS to the parents, 39 years ago on 3/12 they were married and have been together ever since. 39 years is a LONG FREAKING TIME to be with someone, don't know how they do it but I'm glad they are still driving each other crazy.

Also watched the latest King Kong flick, Skull Island, it was dope. It takes place in the 70's and the soundtrack is fantastic! Led Zeppelin, CCR, and Black Sabbath to name a few jams while you stuff your face with butter popcorn and sweet fizzy cola. Don't want to give to much away but they are definitely setting up for a "monster island" type situation. All we need now is DOOM to score the soundtrack to this next movie and we are set. 

Talking monsters, sets and soundtracks I took off last sunday (cause there was an inner war devastating my body) but was back this past Sunday and released a Kaiju of new music. Got to tear into the full lengths of The Feelies (still making killer records), Jay Som, Cohen Beats, Findlay, Crystal Fairy and of course Thundercat. 

Also can we just sub pop for a moment, this Seattle label is going a bit bananas with there new music releases. New tracks from this playlist alone had Afghan Wigs, Rolling Blackouts CF, Porter Ray and Father John Misty. Oh and I have it on good authority that their sister label will be sending me a new track from a band that made my top 10 BEST OF New Noize 2016. 

This week's surprise came from a record that came out in 2016. Its very rare, VERY RARE, that I would break my own rules, but its my freaking show so I had to. An anonymous hommie on FB of all places directed me to a "boiler room" video session of an artist from the Osaka Prefecture, Kiki Hitomi. She's labeled a "reggae artist" but she is oh so much more. Fusing electronic sludge, dissasant dub and a whole lotta chiptune with vocal manipulation doesn't even scratch the surface of her sound and artistry, I'm done describing her she needs to be heard. Another tasty morsel was came from the new NO LIFE EP, its killer. 

The major snag from this Sunday was that I didn't have an extra 20 something minutes, I had to cut a nice chunk from the new music discovery pie. No worries I will be back next Sunday and will make sure to hit up the tasty drops I missed from this past Sundays set.

Last thing and this ones for Moms cause I know she reads the write ups, I made it once more round the sun this past week! Thanks mom.