3/27/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Blondie "Long Time"
2. The Jesus and Mary Chain "Always Sad"
3. the Feelies "Been Replaced" bar none
4. Thurston Moore "Smoke of Dreams"
5. Pontiak "Ignorance Makes Me High"
6. the Buttertones "I Ran" innovative
7. This Wild Life "Falling Down"
8. the Afghan Wigs "Demon In Profile" sub pop
9. Mount Eerie "Crow"
10. Black Lips "Can't Hold On"
11. Perfume Genius "Slip Away" matador
12. Spoon "Can I Sit Next To You" matador
13. Strands of Oak "Radio Kids" dead oceans
14. SYLML "Where's My Love" netwerk
15. PJKTS "Chandelier"
16. Bonzie "How Do You Find Yourself, Love?"

-Hour 2-

17. Gorillaz feat Jehnny Beth "We Got the Power"
18. James and Lydia Primate "Stone Heads" from the Heavy Rain video game Soundtrack
19. Your Old Droog feat Danny Brown "Grandma Hips" fatbeats
20. Thundercat "3AM" brainfeeder
21. Kendric Lamar "The Heart Part 4"
22. Porter Ray feat Shabazz Palaces "Everything (Interlude)" sub pop
23. WaqWaq Kingdom "I Would Like To Let You Go"
24. Goldfrapp "Systemmagic" mute
25. Father John Misty "2 Wildly Different Perspectives" sub pop
26. Chastity Belt "Different Now" hardly arts
27. Jay Som "Remain" polyvinyl
28. Crystal Fairy "Under Trouble" ipecac
29. Basement "Promise Everything"
30. Generationalss "Turning the Screw"
31. Tuxedo "Back in Town" stonesthrow


6. the Buttertones "I Ran" innovative
18. James and Lydia Primate "Stone Heads" from the Heavy Rain video game Soundtrack
23. WaqWaq Kingdom "I Would Like To Let You Go"
24. Goldfrapp "Systemmagic" mute
31. Tuxedo "Back in Town" stonesthrow


Oh Hi there! 

REALLY QUICK HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY SILVARETTA AKA DAVE SILVA. Dave is OG crew and man sun you old, now here's a pic from us fresh off college freshman year. 

Another New Noize done and here is the dope as hell playlist. Things to note on this particular set.

As you know being on the forefront of new music is a daunting task, full of stacks and stacks of new music being sent to both your digital inbox and traditional inbox. So how does this guy get a one up on all the other specialty djs out there? By going the extra mile. 

You might have noticed that adorable gif I posted to kick off this write up. Thats slugcat and he (or she, but he looks like a he to me) is the main protagonist in Rain World, an indie "survival" game coming out on the PS4 and PC tomorrow. I do enjoy video games as much as I do the music scene so I burned some incense and prayed to the PR gods as I shot out an email contacting the makers of Rain World to get my hands on some of their amazing music that I have heard over the course of the development for this game. To my excitement they responded and after a few back and forths via email James and Lydia Primate were kind enough to send me an advance of the entire soundtrack, and MAN is it good. Its deep, dark and thick of fuzzy goodness which transports you to this world that slugcat needs to survive in. Personally I think its gonna be a contender for "best game music" in certain circles for 2017. Needless to say I am HYPED!!!! You can catch me streaming this game when it drops on YouTube or Twitch.

Quick NOTE since we are talking video games and I am part of the cult which is known as Destiny it is OFFICIAL, DESTINY 2 is coming out in September.

Another amazing band that I had to go the extra mile for was WaqWaq Kingdom. I have recently discovered the musical force known as KiKi Hitomi from Osaka Japan. In my research/digging/compulsive disorder to constantly find new audio I came up on WaqWaq Kingdom bandcamp page and who is in this band? KiKi Hitomi that's who! I reached out and they hooked me up with a copy of their record and needless to say I was STOKED. I highly recommend their new record Shinsekai, its tight and best beleive that you will be hearing more in the upcoming Sundays. 

One last thing and its on the sad tip. As some of you know I work for Jack Johnson as part of my day gig and one of the cats I would interact with is Ben Beverly, the dude who ran Brushfire Records. Ben passed away over the weekend. He was a great guy to work with and an even better man. Though we didn't interact many times outside a professional setting, the few times we did he the definition of a  stand up guy with strong opinions and dug punk rock. I will miss Ben.