6/18/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Lee Ranaldo “Circular” mute
2. Chelsea Wolfe “16 Psyche” sargent house
3. Queens of the Stone Age “The Way You Used To Be”
4. Deer Tick “Its A Whale”
5. Cigarettes After Sex “Each Time You Fall In Love” partisan
6. No Vacation “Yam Yam”
7. Broadside “Paradise” victory
8. Lea Porcelain “Similar Familiar”
9. the Drums “Shoot the Sun Down”
10. Thorcraft Cobra “Carolina” plaza bowl
11. Rad Horror “Sad Boy”
12. Kim Churchhill “Breakneck Speed”
13. Night Drive “Trapeze Artist Regrets” roll call
14. Yowler “Yowler” double double whammy
15. Kacy Hill “Hard to Love” def jam 

-Hour 2-

16. LCD Soundsystem “Call the Police” dfa
17. Com Truise “…Of Your Fake Dimension” ghostly
18. TOKiMONSTA feat Yuna “Don’t Call Me”
19. Moby & the Void Pacific Choir “In This Cold Place” mute
20. Beat Vince feat. Genevieve Artadi "Go Go Gon" taken from the soundtrack for Tokyo 42
21. Death From Above “Freeze Me”
22. Busy P feat Mayer Hawthorne “Genie” ed banger
23. Miranda Glory feat Matty Owens “Blue Eyed” Tommy boy
24. Tycho feat. Beacon "See" ghostly
25. Cody Chesnutt “This Green Leaf“ hand written
26. Planetarium “Venus”
27. Goatwhore “Drowned in Grim Rebirth” metal blade
28. Dead Cross “Seizure and Resist” ipecac


Music Not On Spotify List:
12. Kim Churchhill “Breakneck Speed”
27. Goatwhore “Drowned in Grim Rebirth” metal blade 

HAPPY POST FATHERS DAY!!!! Yes I know this playlist is 24 hours late, but I have a really good excuse this time which I will get to later. RIP Prodigy from the infamous Mobb Deep, too young to go but damn sun he left us some fire before he departed from this realm. Now let’s talk New Noize!!!!!!

It was a pretty good mix of just about everything shy of some hip-hop. Stand outs from this past weekends show came from longtime favorites including Deer Tick, Lee Ranaldo, Death From Above (minus the 1979) Moby, Chelsea Wolfe and of course Queens of the motherf*ckin Stone Age. Looking forward to that new QOFSTA album, you and I know its gonna be bananas. 

Got the new single for Dead Cross and its really aggressive along with the new Goatwhore. I also got to bust open the new Com Truise record and its sooooooo tasty. AGAIN looking forward to Tokyo 42 to drop on the Playstation mid July and had to dig out another track on this fantastic soundtrack. 

I have to apologize for my delays/non-responsiveness with industry folk out there for the past few weeks. It is not due to Ramadan although I am looking forward to the weekend when the fasting is over. My 11 inch 12 year old Alienware finally started to get into the last days of it’d life. I will always have a place for her in my heart as well as my command center but its over between us. The new chick in town is a badass 2017 MacBook Pro! Opting to dump my PC lifestyle for the past 37 years was a difficult decision to make as well as an EXPENSIVE one but its all for the best. Which brings me to my BIG NEWS!!!!!!

On July 6the your boy will be djing for 1st Thursday’s here in Santa Barbara. The new dj set up will be in full effect as I deliver all sorts of audio madness for the passers by. If you are in town on 7/6 swing by and gimme a high five. If you want to be extra dope share this event on your social networks, here is the link: http://www.downtownsb.org/events/1st-thursday/performances 

I am pretty psyched for my gig should be a banger. 

Last thing, this coming up Sunday there will be no New Noize cause its EID TIME!!!!!