7/23/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Rainer Maria “Suicides and Lazy Eyes" polyvinyl
2. Deer Tick “Jumpstarting” partisan
3. Deerhoof "I Will Spite Survive" (feat Jenn Wasner) joyful noise
4. Goldfinger “Put the knife Away” rise
5. Almost Awake “Cloudwalker” 
6. Sun Seeker “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night” thirdman
7. Downtown Boys “Lips That Bite” 
8. the Memories “Okay, Cupid” burger
9. Rostam “Bike Dream” nonesuch
10. Liars “Cred Woes” mute
11. Guided By Voices “The Birthday Democrats”
12. Death From Above “Freeze Me”
13. Shabazz Palaces “The Neurochem Mixalogue” sub pop (taken from Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star)
14. Shabazz Palaces (feat Purple Tape Nate) “Love in the Time of Kanye” sub pop (taken form Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines)
15. St Vincent “New York” loma vista
16. Boris “Memento Mori” sargent house
17. Radiohead “Man of War” xl

-Hour 2-

18. METZ “Cellophane” sub pop
19. Gogol Brodello “Walking On The Burning Coal” cooking vinyl
20. Mount Kimbie (feat. King Krule) "Blue Train Lines" warp
21. Chad VanGaalen “Pine & Clover” sub pop
22. Trizz “Slow Down” tommy boy
23. Cut Copy "Airborne"
24. Toro Y Moi “Labyrinth” carpark
25. Andrew Hung “Say What You Want” lex
26. Dead Cross “Seizure and Resist” ipecac
27. Byzantine “New Ways to Bear Witness” metal blade
28. Dasher “Go Rambo” jagjaguwar
29. Kaleida “Echo Saw You” lex
30. Kane Strang “Oh So Your Off I See” dead oceans 


Music Not On Spotify List:
11. Guided By Voices “The Birthday Democrats”

Surprises! I know I told y’all that there wasn’t going to be a New Noize this past Sunday but I got back early and made a late night audible, thus I was live this Sunday. FYI Big Bear is beautiful.

With that out the way like always New Noize was in full effect. I had A-LOT to choose from and tried to fit 4 hours of music in my 2 hour set. One day I will learn the secrets of time and will be able to bend it according to may will. 

People ask me if I’m scared that Game of Thrones will be taking away my New Noize audience now that the show is back on-air. Not really cause if you are GoT in SB and aren’t watching the east coast feed then you’re doing it wrong. 

Talking about GoT WTF are the creators on when announcing their new “Confederate” show? I want to preface this, I am a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones and think that this alternate timeline of the south succeeding from the Union and “modern day slavery” would be an interesting and compelling drama that the creators of GoT/HBO can pull off. My problem is that the creators of GoT can not and have not put minorities, especially black actors in roles without slavery attached to their heritage. Lets take the remaining black actors as well as the only black actors that have speaking parts on GoT. I am talking about Grey Worm & Missandei. Both were slaves that were liberated from the WHITE “Breaker of Chains” Daenerys Targaryen. The only other black actor I can think of that had a main roll was Salladhor Saan who was a pirate and wait for it, a former slaver turned pirate. Minorities don’t last very long, ask Khal Drogo and Prince Doran Martell. Would it have been cool to see the House Tyrell be portrayed by Japanese actors, YOU DAMN STRAIGHT IT WOULD BE!!! Also has anyone seen any East Asians in this show? Seems like Westeros went through some ethnic cleansing prior to this storyline. 

Which brings me back to this new “Confederate” show that they are going to create. If the GoT creators are reading this (you didn’t know they were New Noize fans did ya) there are other ways of portraying black actors without giving them a heritage of slavery. How about making a new fantasy or horror series with a predominate black cast. How about a fantasy storyline where the Ottoman Turk Empire stretched around the globe? Or if the Aztecs beat the Spanish? The alternative historical storylines are endless but the Game of Thrones creators decided that another TV series about white supremacy becoming the ruling class needs to be portrayed once more. I get it, this is about whats going on in the world today. An artistic look an the current state of affairs. Guess what HBO, I don’t need another TV show about white people ruling, that is the REALITY of my world here in the USA. Be a bit more creative. 

Sorry about ranting but dang sun. 

Until next week.