8/13/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Crimfall “The Last of Stands” metalblade
2. Portrait “Burn the World” metalblade
3. Dead Cross “Shillelagh” ipecac
4. A Giant Dog “Get Away” merge
5. the Dream Rebel “Hurt Me Bad”
6. Joywave “Shutdown” hollywood
7. Rose of the West “Love & War”
8. Marlon Williams “Vampire Again”
9. the Glorious Sons “Everything Is Alright” black box
10. Rainer Maria “Possession” polyvinyl
11. Manchester Orchestra “The Sunshine” loma vista
12. Grieves “RX”
13. Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs “Voicemail” burger
14. El Ten Eleven feat. Emile “She’s a Live One” 

-Hour 2- 

15. Valmont de Ragondas “Fight For Fate” taken from the Dead Cells soundtrack
16. Beat Vince “Title Screen” taken from the Tokyo 42 soundtrack
17. Enter Shikari “Live Outside”
18. Cut Copy “Standing In The Middle Of The Field”
19. Nine Inch Nails “This Isn’t The Place”
20. Liars “Coins In My Caged Fist” mute
21. Purity Ring “Asido”
22. Vessels feat. Wayne Coyne “Deflect The Light”
23. Downtown Boys “Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)” sub pop
24. METZ “Drained Lake” sub pop
25. Bully “Feel The Same” sub pop
26. Liam Gallagher ”For What It's Worth”
27. Phoebe Bridgers ”Motion Sickness”
28. Nina Nesbitt “The Moments Im Missing”


Music Not On Spotify List:
4. A Giant Dog “Get Away” merge
10. Rainer Maria “Possession” polyvinyl
14. El Ten Eleven feat. Emile “She’s a Live One”
15. Valmont de Ragondas “Fight For Fate” taken from the Dead Cells soundtrack

New Noize all up in your business. This weekend reality set in and I am just amazed at whats going on here in the good ol USA. Goating North Korea into a nuclear war and empowered white supremacists in Virginia have me pretty blue, but at least Game of Thrones and New Noize exists. 

Despite the stress of the world events I personally found solace in one of the best gatherings I have been to this year. I’m talking about my music programmer, DJ extraordinaire and one of my great friends Mr Dave Hanacek got hitched this past Saturday. As bummed out as I was with all thats going on, Saturday night showed that when friends and family come together everything else is just noise. I was also seated at the Radiohead table, it was pretty rockstar. Fellow DJs Phat J & Ricky Biggs were in the house and whenever the radio fam hangs power levels exceed 9000. 

Lets talk New Noise. This Sunday I started on the metal side of things and smoothed out as the hour progressed.

At the top of the second hour I dropped some music from the Dead Cells soundtrack, an indie game I DESPERATELY want to be ported onto the PS4 (and the vita LOLz). Currently Dead Cells is available on Steam and from the videos I have watched it looks like a freaking good time. I also circled back to music from Tokyo 42 as this game is finally coming out this Tuesday August 15th on the Playstation. If the game is half as good as this soundtrack then I will be a happy camper. Want to watch me play? Follow me on my youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo65Q8fi_Os7jQOlu4OiyqQ

See ya next Sunday.