10/7/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Swearin' "Big Change" merge
2. Kurt Vile "Loading Zones"
3. Cat Power "You Get" domino
4. SOAK "Everybody Loves You"
5. Minus the Bear "Viaduct" suicide squeeze
6. Mini Mansion "Midnight in Tokyo"
7. Timmy's Organism "Guzzle Gasoline" burger
8. Deaf Havana "Sinner"
9. Fight the Fury "My Demons"
10. Pale Waves "Kiss" dirty hit
11. Somedays "When We Left"
12. Tokyo Police Club "Hercules" dine alone
13. Brockhampton "San Marcos"
14. Molly Burch "Wild" captured tracks

-Hour 2-

15. Thom Yorke "Has Ended" xl
16. L'FREAQ "Moonlight"
17. Yaeji "One More"
18. Calvin Johnson "Wherefore Art Thou"
19. Kero Kero Bonito "Only Acting" polyvinyl
20. Ghostface Killah (feat LA Darkman, Snoop Doggy Dogg & E 40) "Saigon Velour"
21. Mazzy Star "Look Down From the Bridge" sub pop (off of the Ricky & Morty Soundtrack)
22. Wrath "Conflict"
23. Windhand "Diablerie"
24. Emma Ruth Rundle "Control" sargent house
25. Sister Sparrow "Ghost" thirty tigers
26. Boy Pablo "Limitado" u ok?/777
27. Indoor Pets "Hi" wichita



Not On Spotify:
18. Calvin Johnson "Wherefore Art Thou"
21. Mazzy Star "Look Down From the Bridge" sub pop (off of the Ricky & Morty Soundtrack)



Full swing here in Rocktober and the new jams just keep on spilling out. Also I saw Venom over this weekend and I don't know what to think. Was it bad, yes and I do mean terrible, but t was also good. The whole reason I saw this movie was cause or Riz Ahmed, literally anything he is I will go see to support cause he is the man. Talking about Riz he dropped a new track and I tried to get it directly from my Pakistani brother but apparently he's to busy to get back to me, come on bro I need that Mogambo.