2/25/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. The Breeders "Nervous Mary"
2. Death From Above "Caught Up"
3. The Regrettes "Come Through"
4. Hibou "Glamour"
5. Vile Assembly "Division Of Labour"
6. L7 "I Came Back To Bitch"
7. Mean Jeans "180069SHRED"
8. Speedy Ortiz "Lucky 88" carpark
9. Dwarves "Devils Level" burger
10. Post Animal "Ralphie"
11. Game Winner "Game Winner" secretly canadian
12. Of Montreal "Plateau Phase/No Careerism, No Corruption" polyvinyl
13. Father John Misty "Mr Tillman" sub pop
14. I'm With Her "See You Around" 
15. Vallis Alps "So Settled"
16. Albert Hammond Jr "Far Away Truths"

-Hour 2- 

17. Kid Koala "Five Spot Stomp" arts & crafts (off the OST to Floor Kids on the Nintendo Switch)
18. Dr. Octagon "Octagon, Octagon"
19. Imarhan "Alwa"
20. Femi Kuti "How Many"
21. Kendrick Lamar feat Vince Staples and Yugen Blakrok "Opps" Black Panther Soundtrack
22. Richard Russel feat Ibeyi "Cane" xl
23. Black Milk "True Lies"
24. Five Alarm Funk feat. Bootsy Collins "We Play the Funk"
25. Charlotte Day Wilson "Nothing New"
26. Mint Field "Cambios del Pasar"
27. Ensign Broderick "Heaven Smiles With Her Eyes" six shooter
28. Suuns "Watch You, Watch Me"
29. Moaning "Don't Go" sub pop
30. Vitalic feat David Shaw "Waiting for the Stars" citizen



Music Not On Spotify List:
4. Hibou "Glamour"
27. Ensign Broderick "Heaven Smiles With Her Eyes" six shooter


Mondays, people hate them and so do I, but at least you get this write up. I come to you this week with a heavy heart as an ICON has passed away at the tender age of 54. Sridevi Kapoor was one of the biggest things in my life. Through her movies, my young mind was molded into what it is today. I don't talk about Bollywood for a few reasons, mostly because I just don't like talking about it with anyone who's not in the know. Sridevi is Bollywood royalty and the world has lost some magic. Personally, I didn't think this news would affect me this hard, but I'm devastated. The way she died was tragic. According to the BBC she "drowned in her hotel apartment's bathtub following a loss of consciousness. It had earlier been reported that she died of cardiac arrest on Saturday while at a family wedding in Dubai."

Sleep well my Chandni Rani. 


On to this past weekend's shenanigans on New Noize. Breeders are back so is L7. I have no issues with these all female 90's outfits coming back with new music and new tours. I saw them when I was a teenager, and I will see them again as a 30 something balding old man. Of Montreal has released another song and video and I must say that if this whole album is like the last 2 singles Kevin Barnes just dropped this record is going to be a beast. I mean check out this music video:

Father John Misty is doing his best Puffy impression as he "Can't stop, won't stop" when it comes to new music. I don't know if "Mr. Tillman" is a b-side off of Pure Comedy or if he is actually setting up for another release. Either way new FJM is always welcomed news. You like Stranger Things? You know that Netflix SciFi show that takes place in the 80s. Well, then you know Steve Harrington aka the douche with the flock of seagulls hair who wound up being actually a good dude. ANYWAYS the lead singer of Post Animal is Steve Harrington real name Joe Keery. Joe and his band mates put out a great record. I did listen cause I wanted to see if this was a Dogstar situation, and it's not. Sorry Keanu, Post Animal is the real deal. SIDE NOTE I did see Dogstar in 96 and yes my friend's mom drove us to the show.


The second hour I came with the video game flex. Pretty sure I'm the only guy in all of terrestrial radio that played the new Kid Koala track "Five Spot Stomp" taken from Floor Kids, a "nindie" game on the Nintendo Switch. I don't have a Switch BUT I WANT ONE SUPER BAD SO I CAN PLAY THIS RYTHME GAME. Arts & Crafts records were nice enough to hook me up with the entire soundtrack to this video game and it's sooooo groovy. If you are a fan of breaking, scratching, bboying, dance battles and rhythm games this is the video game for you. Kid Koala really captured the feel of this kids game that adults will love as well. 

See you in March