2/4/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Exodus "Blood In Blood Out"
2. Municipal Waste "Slime and Punishment"    
3. Harms Way "Human Carrying Capacity"
4. Accuser "Mission: Missile"
5. Angra "Light of Transcendence"
6. Fight the Fight "Perfect Combination"
7. Bekon "Catch Me If You Can"
8. the Academic "Different"
9. Albert Hammond Jr. "Muted Beatings"
10. the Voidz "Leave It In My Dreams"
11. Hop Along "How Simple"
12. Charly Bliss "The Way You Wear Your Head"
13. Curtis Harding "Need Your Love"
14. the Fratellis "Stand Up Tragedy"
15. the Garden "No Destination"

-Hour 2- 

16. Rich Brian "Trespass" 88rising
17. Dabrye feat DOOM "Lil Mufukuz"
18. Car Seat Headrest "Cute Thing"
19. Mint Field "Quiero Otoño de Nuevo"
20. Sango (feat. Xavier Omär) "Sweet Holy Honey"
21. Moby "Mere Anarchy"
22. Brazilian Girls "Pirates"
23. Soccer Mommy "Your Dog" fat possum
24. Hockey Day "Homely Feeling" kanine
25. Dream Wife "Hey Heartbreaker" luck number
26. Middle Kids "Mistake"
27. Yo La Tengo "Out of the Pool"
28. Black Pistol Fire "Lost Cause"
29. Jack White "Corporation" thirdman



Music Not On Spotify List:
5. Angra "Light of Transcendence"


Mustached Farriers and Caribbean Queens agree New Noize is the place to be even on a Super Bowl Sunday. Hey everybody Haaris here with another New Noize. In honor of me working yet another Super Bowl Sunday, I went totally metal for the 1st part of the 1st hour. Why you may ask. It's a combination of 2 teams in the Super Bowl that I could care less about. I mean for reals, who cares if the Patriots or the Eagles win. As a NY Giants fan this game felt like a throwaway until kick off. I am no Switzerland and always pick a side and I had to root for those Philly fans. I love that city! Allen Iverson is one of my favorite athletes of all time and I saw the Gorillaz and MF Doom back in the day on their debit tours. I was glad to see then pull the win and not burn down their city. On top of all that the game was exciting, so I was kinda bummed that I had to cover the Reggae show before New Noize last night, but as Janet (or Miss Jackson if your nasty) says "that's the way love goes".

I started the show off with 2 bands going on tour for one of the most metal cartoons out there right now, Mr. Pickles. Yes, both Exodus & Municipal Waste are going on tour together. Their official promo goes something like this:

Thrash titans Exodus and Municipal Waste are about to embark on a 13 city tour in support of season 3 of Mr. Pickles: TV’s most satanic dog, who’s tunneled through the rib cages and into the hearts of metal fans the world over.
— promo dudes that are working this tour

I am working on doing an interview and giveaways if I can. Keep it here for more info and look out for Mr. Pickles Season 3 premiering on February 25th at midnight EST, on Adult Swim. 


The 2nd hour I spun a track off of Amen, Rich Brian's latest album. BIG UPS TO MY ASAIN BROTHER, Rich Brian made history as the 1st Asian to have a number 1 album on iTunes this past Friday. Watchout for 88 rising, they are on a Brainfeeder trajectory. I also played the new track by Car Seat Headrest, "Cute Thing". Man, this guy loves to curse! It took me a little bit to clean that one up but at the end of the day, it was no biggie. This kid keeps putting out music and I keep becoming obsessed with it. 

Back to the Super Bowl. Whenever the NY Giants don't make it I focus on the other big deal during the big game, MOVIE TRAILERS! 

1st one that I lost my mind over was the new Han Solo Trailer:

I knew the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer was going to show up but I didn't know how hyped I was going to act after I saw it. Also, Justice Smith aka Ezekiel from "The Get Down" Netflix series is screaming in every scene in this trailer. If I was stuck on an island full of genetically recreated killer Dinosaurs, I would be screaming the whole time as well. 


The big surprise was the new Cloverfield Trailer. I liked the 1st Cloverfield and the 2nd Cloverfield is connected to the 1st but only by the thinnest of thin strands. The best part about Cloverfield 3 (or as it is officially called "Cloverfield Paradox") as soon as the trailed debuted during the Super Bowl, Netflix released it. So you can watch it right now! I will be watching it this week most definitely. Is it a prequel? Why is it in space? WTF is going on in this trailer? 

The other big thing this week, the remake of Shadow of Colossus drops on the PS4 tomorrow. When I moved to California back in '04 I didn't game much as I was still setting up my life. Shadow of Colossus came out in 2005 and I never played it. 14 years later I am still trying to figure out my life BUT this time I have time to play this highly acclaimed game.  

This was the best part of Sunday:

I'll see you next Sunday.