4/1/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Hop Along "Look of Love" saddle creek
2. the Bronx "Side Effects"
3. Lion "Self Control" we are here
4. Post Animal "Gelatin" 
5. Tancred "Reviews" 
6. Goat Girl "Throw Me a Bone"
7. Earhart "A Cross"
8. Jo Passed "Millennial Trash Blues" 
9. the Lemon Twigs "Foolin' Around"
10. the Vaccines "I Can't Quit"
11. NONONO "Friends" warner
12. E "Unite Me"
13. Boy Pablo "Losing You" 
14. JFDR "White Ferrari"
15. Stokeswood "Walls"

-Hours 2-

16. Habibi "Nedayeh Bahar"
17. the National "Guilty Party"
18. Chai "N.E.O." burger
19. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "Shiggy"
20. the Voidz "All the Wordz Are Made Up"
21. Lizzo "Fitness" 
22. Makeness "Loud Patterns" secretly canadian
23. Erika Wennerstorm "Twisted Highway" partisan
24. Czarface Meets Metalface "Forever Friends"
25. Yuno "No Going Back" sub pop
26. of Montreal "Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia" polyvinly
27. Speedy Ortiz "Lean In When I Suffer".
28. Death By Unga Bunga "Cynical" jansen
29. the Sherlocks "Will You Be There"



Music Not On Spotify List:
1. Hop Along "Look of Love" saddle creek
12. E "Unite Me"
18. Chai "N.E.O." burger


April Fools day and I got good this year. A bit of background, so on Sunday nights here at 92.9 KJEE we have 2 specialty shows. My show, New Noize, that runs from 9-11PM and the Reggae Soundclash that happens from 6-9PM. The Reggae Soundclash is commanded by the Cool Rullah, who has been doing the same show every Sunday night for over 20 something years! I make it a point to get to my shift early so me and the Rullah can do some crossover action before I get into my set. Last night he dropped a bomb saying that this was the last Reggae Soundclash, and I totally bit on the bait. I had a damn near emotional breakdown over the air as he is reinforcing this amazing lie. 

We get off-air and I am saying my goodbyes, feeling pretty shocked and taken back by the news of his departure. I sit in my chain, start loading up my CDs, hit my Top of the Hour ID, and start writing out my playlist as my 1st track starts up. The 1st thing I write down it's the date of the show. As I was writing I got to this point:

4/1/20....HEY WTF YOU GOT ME GOOD COOL RULLAH. I truly felt like an April Fool.

So back to the MUSIC and Easter Sunday did not disappoint. I kicked off the show by diving deep into the new Hop Along record with "Look of Love" This band could have been from the 90's and I love this record. Goat Girl was a nice mix-up surprise but the one coming in way WAY out of left field was JFDR covering Frank Oceans "White Ferrari" This artist from Iceland does an even stranger version than the original and becomes heavily deconstructed and borderline noisy towards the tail end of this 5 minute plus jam. 


Hour 2 and there was no shortage of amazing new music. Habibi is not only a popular Arabic word, it's now a pretty chilled out band with groovy tunes. Their EP "Cardamon Garden" is on the top of my everyday listening at this point. Say hello to new National! Guilty Party, "Yes and please sir may I have some more?" The doozy in hour #2 came from the thoty & naughty (her words not mine) Queen know as Lizzo. Her new single is called Fitness and its lavalishious. She is opening for Haim this Saturday at the SBBowl and you know your boy is gonna attend. 


See you next Sunday.