4/29/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Gabriel Garzón-Montano "Golden Wings"
2. Fever Ray "Mustn't Hurry" mute
3. Carry Brothers "Crush" 
4. Cut Worms "Cash & Gold" jagjaguwar
5. Neko Case "Bad Luck"
6. Liz Phair "Bomb"
7. Speedy Ortiz "Villain" car park
8. Snail Mail "Heat Wave" 
9. Forth Wanderers "Ages Ago" sub pop
10. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks "Refute"
11. Cloud Castle Lake "Twins"
12. Internet "Polyester Sweater"
13. Father John Misty "Mr. Tillman" sub pop
14. Elohim "Hallucinating" bms

-Hour 2-

15. Salkinitzor "A New Sword" taken from the Swords of Ditto OST
16. Thundercat "Final Fight" brianfeeder/adult swim
17. Chai "Gyaranboo" burger
18. Lapalux "Damson"
19. Sigur Ros "65º30'17.9 N 18º37'01.3 W"
20. Kanye West feat T.I. "Ye vs the People"
21. Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders "Feel Brand New" terrible records
22. Daniel Rossen "Deerslayer"
23. Middle Kids "On My Knees" domino
24. the Fratellis "I've Been Blind" 
25. Matt Costa "Sharon" dangerbird
26. Ash "Annabel"
27. Mazzy Star "Quiet, the Winter Harbor"
28. Dr. Dog "Listening In" thirty tigers 



Not On Spotify:
12. Internet "Polyester Sweater"
15. Salkinitzor "A New Sword" taken from the Swords of Ditto OST
18. Lapalux "Damson"
21. Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders "Feel Brand New" terrible records


Kicking it with another brand new New Noize and last night we had some fun. In hour 1 I went on a streak of bands that feature female lead vocalists including Neko Case, Liz Phair, Speedy Ortiz, Snail Mail & Forth Wanderers. During this hour I highlighted a pretty cool local act that I think everyone should check out, they are called Internet not to be mistaken for the "the Internet" (Tyler the Creator's sisters neo-soul R&B act) Toward the end of the 1st set I spun Mr Tillman once to hype the his new music video, which you can watch right now:

Hour 2 was a total switch up. I reached out to the creators of Swords of Ditto, a new "indie" game out now on the PC & PS4, to get some music from the original soundtrack. A few tweets & DMs later I got in contact with Salkinitzor real name Niklas Ström who produce all the music and was nice enough to send it over. This game and the music are phenomenal. I mean this is just snippet from some of my playthrough but my oh MY if you like handcrafted Zelda-ish games with a supremely stellar soundtrack than the ones for you.

Thundercat has a new song out which you can hear for free as it is part of Adult Swims free track of the week program which now is going year round. I was also able to get around to playing new Sigur Ros who dropped 2 LPs this past records store day. I played a track off of "Route" and all the songs names are actually GPS coordinates so have fun mapping out where these jams are located. 


In other news I did see Avengers Infinity Wars, it was great and no spoilers for anyone reading this. I will say if you are planning on watching this movie DO NOT GO ON THE INTERNET!!!!! There is too much that happened and I am sure you will be seeing leaks if you head over to any social media platform whatsoever. 


Till next week playas