5/13/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Beach House "Lose Your Smile" sub pop
2. Arctic Monkeys "American Sports" domino
3. Remember Sports "Up From Below" father/daughter
4. Ali Barter "Girlie Bits" 
5. Distractor "Cup" burger
6. Washed Out "Face Up" stonesthrow
7. Potatohead People feat Nanna B "Morning Sun" bastard jazz
8. Shadow Party "Celebrate" mute
9. Simian Mobile Disco "Defender"
10. Stereo Explosion "Good News"
11. Salkinitzor "Hero's Town" taken from the Swords of Ditto OST
12. Black Moth Super Rainbow "Aerosol Weather" rad cult
13. Dirty Projectors "Break Thru"
14. Father John Misty "Disappointing Diamonds are the Rarest of Them All" sub pop
15. Ariel Pink "Dreamdate Narcissist" 
16. Luluc "Heist" sub pop
17. Chai "Walking Star" burger

-Hour 2-

18. Cut Worms "Don't Want to Say Goodbye"
19. BABYMETAL"Distortion"
20. LIK "Rid You Of Your Flesh"
21. Gozu "Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat"
22. Lizzy Borden "My Midnight Things"
23. Burn the Priest "I Against I" (Bad Brains cover)
24. Fake Figures "Hole in the Sky"
25. Iceage "Take It All" matador
26. Parkway Drive "Wishing Wells"
27. RAND "Masochist" bmg
28. Jealous of the Birds "Plastic Skeletons"
29. Now, Now "SGL" trans-
30. Talkie "Marcy"
31. Jess Williamson "Mama Proud"




Not On Spotify:
8. Shadow Party "Celebrate" mute
11. Salkinitzor "Hero's Town" taken from the Swords of Ditto OST


Happy post Mothers Day! I hope all of you called your mom, I did. I love me Mothers Day, especially on social media. So often I open up whatever social app and I am bombard by bad news, newly found racist internet friends, whatever Kanye is saying, spoilers for movies I want to see, & pictures of peoples feet while they are on vacation (seriously we know you are on vacation, stop) On Mothers Day however my social media feed is flooded with pictures of our favorite person, MOM! I can not tell you how emotionally moving it was seeing all these throw back pics of faded Polaroid pictures of moms wearing high wasted jeans with old school hair styles and to all the new Moms struggling to make everyday semi balanced for their kiddos in this crazy world. Everyday should be Mothers Day on Social Media. 


New Noize always happens on a Sunday. Mothers Day always happens on a Sunday. Put these 2 amazing forces together and you get a Super Sayjin Fusion of "Mothers Day Metal on New Noize", trust me it makes sense. This past New Noize was and will always be dedicated to the one that birthed us, MOM (until our robotic overlords figure out a way to make us without using conventional reproductive means creating a newfound race of human beings being bred by our creations in turn becoming the caretakers of humanity to break through into the next age) and to celebrate I played a whole block of Metal cause all Moms need more METAL in their lives. This happened all in hour 2 of New Noize so lets start with hour 1.

I sprung into the Mothers Day New Noize by opening with Beach House. I am the only one I know who wasn't the biggest fan of their last studio record (hipsters please don't flame me) but 7 is amazing from start to finish. The other big drop from this past Friday was the new Arctic Monkeys record and I dove into the deep end and played "American Sports". Talking about the deep end I played another cut from the Swords of Ditto soundtrack, another deep dive with Aerosol Weather off of Black Moth Super Rainbow's new LP and busted out some new Potatohead People (made up of Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical, both of which are  Canadian). OH and I'm pretty sure I'm the only DJ in specialty to play the new Washed Out single, "Face Up". Still waiting on the new Madvillian Record stonesthrow.


Hour 2 was for all the moms who love METAL and for the moms that didn't know they LOVE METAL. BABYMETAL's new song "Distortion" was the 1st in a 9 song "Metal for Mothers Day Block" where we went over all sorts of different new metal genres. Metal will always rule and so will moms so they are a perfect match. LIK brought the bloodcurdling to new heights, Fake Figures "Hole in the Sky" was a fiasco on audio and do I even need to talk about Burn the Priest new single "I Against I" (anytime anyone covers Bad Brains is it ever not AMAZING?)  


In other news I am still playing through God of War and the game is solid so far. Rage 2 got announced from Bethesda games and even though its being made my Avalanche (instead of iD software) I am hopeful this game will be good. 

Talking games I haven't "returned" to Destiny 2, well sorta. It's what i like to call a "soft comeback" but I'm too busy finishing up God of War, Swords of Ditto and my everyday practice of playing Dragonball FighterZ.

Last thing, if you know any Muslims be nice to them for the next 30 days or so. It maybe Yeezy & Misty Season, but EVERY YEAR Ramadan happens. Apparently it starts on Thursday.


Until next Sunday.