7/22/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Emma Ruth Rundle "Fever Dreams" sargent house
2. the Pink Slips "Trigger"
3. the Gloomies "Tiger"
4. Capital Punishment "Muzak Anonymous"
5. the Beths Happy Unhappy"
6. Grapetooth "Violent" polyvinyl
7. Holy Esque "I Am the Truth" legendary frequency
8. Muse "Something Human"
9. the Kooks "Four Leaf Clover"
10. the Charlatans "Total Eclipse"
11. UME "the Center" modern outsider
12. Slothrust "Double Down" dangerbird
13. Young & Sick "Ojai"
14. Alkaline Trio "Blackbird"
15. LetFloGo "Place Called Home"

-Hour 2-

16. Brandon Coleman "Giant Feelings"
17. Sly5thAve (Jimetta Rose) "Let Me Ride" tru thoughts
18. BOOTS (feat Run the Jewels) "DELETE DELETE"
19. alt-J (feat. Danny Brown Alchemist x Trooko Version) "Deadcrush"
20. Jermaine Clement "Goodbye Moonmen" sub pop
21. Valmont De Ragondas "Prisoner Awakening" (off the Dead Cells OST)
22. Quantic y Los Míticos del Ritmo "Hotline Bling"
23. Denzel Curry "Percs"
24. Revocation "Of Unworldly Origin" metal blade
25. Mikaela Davis "Other Lover" rounder
26. Mini Mansion "Works Every Time" 
27. Devil Driver "Copperhead Road"
28. the Blankz "White Baby" slope



Not On Spotify:
10. the Charlatans "Total Eclipse"
15. LetFloGo "Place Called Home"
21. Valmont De Ragondas "Prisoner Awakening" (off the Dead Cells OST)


I tweaked my back hard over the weekend, Sunday was not good to me but it was for anyone who was listening to New Noize. So much to uncover over these 2 hours here is just a taste of how thick this show was.


1st hour was solid kicking things off with Emma Ruth Rundle "Fever Dreams" off her personal project out on Sargent House in September. Who the fuck is Capitol Punishment? I seriously never heard of this band but as soon as I played the single it was a no brainer to add it to this past Sundays playlist. 


Hour 2 brought a slight shift to the overall flow of New Noize. I am hyper impressed with Sly5thAve reconstruction of Dr. Dre's songs. The full length "The Invisible Man" is an orchestral tribute to all of Dr. Dre's music. It has so many layers to peel back its bananas. Funk, soul, reggae, strings, horns, orchestra, singers, and total madness is just a few markers of this incredible record. 


ALSO in hour 2 I did a little give away for Dead Cells, a video game out already out on Steam, but will be on PS4 and the Switch in early August. This "rouge like Metroidvania" game will sure turn some heads PLUS the music is fantastic. I gave away both the soundtrack and a Steam code to the game, and I'm gonna do it again this coming up Sunday. 

Dr says I need a Backiotomy.