8/5/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Lala Lala "Destroyer"
2. Fucked Up "Raise Your Voice Joyce"
3. the Happy Fits "Heart of a Dancer"
4. Ty Segall & White Fence "Good Boy"
5. Interpol "Number 10"
6. Emma Ruth Rundle "Dark Horse" sargent house
7. Trevor Powers "Clad in Skin"
8. Firstworld "Space" division music
9. Capital Punishment "Muzak Anonymous"
10. Deaf Wish "Metal Carnage" sub pop
11. Swearin' "Grow Into a Ghost"
12. Bodega "Jack in Titanic" pyr
13. Yoke Lore "Ride"
14. Santigold "Run The Road"
15. Madeline Kenney "Cut Me Off" carpark
16. the March Divide "I Don't Care" slow start

-Hour 2-

17. SUMAC "Attis' Blade"
18. Underworld & Iggy Pop "I'll See Big" caroline
19. DJ Muggs (feat. MF Doom & Freddie Gibbs) "Death Wish"
20. BOOTS (feat Run the Jewels) "DELETE DELETE"
21. Tunng "Dark Heart"
22. Sly5thAve "Next Episode"
23. Alcabean "Head Down" we are suburban
24. Mutual Benefit "Come To Pass"
25. St. Lucia "Walking Away" 
26. Bob Moses "Back Down"
27. Sad Baxter "Wash" mgm
28. Anna Calvi "Hunter" domino


Viva La Fiesta and what a fiesta weekend it was. Between the parades, confetti and crazy good eats I snuck into the studio this past Sunday for another killer New Noize. 


I am LOVING this new Interpol, it holds me tight as it moves past heavenly bodies creating this insanely pumping rhythm of life I just can't put into words. Right after I hit the new song (Dark Horse) by Emma Ruth Rundle which takes you back down to the ethereal plains of our world haunting you with every sweet lick of that fuzzy guitar as the progression of these drum rolls make you feel you are barefoot on the tundra of your own insides.

I slipped in some fun with Bodegas "Jack in Titanic" and earlier that out the combo of Ty Segall & White Fence on the new track "Good Boy".

Starting off hour 2 and i had an almost 16 minute track by SUMAC and after hearing their music all I want to do is see these forces of nature live. I still can't wrap my head that freakin DJ MUGGS and I connected via facebook messenger and that s how I got this new music. And surprise surprise apparently Iggy Pop and Underworld have been working together and released this new EP. Its a great combination and def recommend a listen. 


Viva la Fiesta