2/24/19 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. MONO "After You Comes the Flood" temporary residence
2. ENDON "Final Acting Out" thrill jockey
3. Aftermath "Temptation Overthrown" zoid
4. Mark Morton (feat. Chester Bennington) "Cross Off"
5. Tragedy "9 to 5" beautyrock
6. Cody Wright, Tonez the Prince, Greg Brown "Back In the Groove(with vocals)" ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! OST
7. Bill Kiley "You Will Never Know" Katana Zero OST
8. Phonetic Hero "Oaken Sentine" Wargroove OST boss battle
9. Stephen Malkmus "Rushing The Acid Frat" matador
10. Malibu Ken "Dog Years"
11. SPELLLING "Under the Sun" sacred bones
12. Gary Clark Jr. "This Land" wb
13. Czarface Meets Ghostface "Morning Ritual" silver age
14. Bad Suns "One Magic Moment" epitaph

-Hour 2-

15. Sasami "Jealousy" domino
16. Bad Bad Hats "Nothing Gets Me High" afternoon
17. SMLXL "Kristy G" the a&r department
18. Shana Cleveland "Don't Let Me Sleep" hardly art
19. Julia Jacklin "Pressure To Party" polyvinyl
20. WAAX "Labrador" dew process
21. Slow Caves "Out Of State" old wave
22. The Dream Syndicate "Black Light" anti-
23. Pure Bathing Culture "Devotion" infinite companion
24. Suzi Quatro "No Soul/No Control" steamhammer
25. Circa Waves "Times Won't Change Me" PIAS
26. Telekinesis "Set A Course" merge
27. Chain Wallet "Ride" ja jansen
28. Living Hour "Hallboy" kanine
29. Cinders "Tree House"



Not On Spotify:
7. Bill Kiley "You Will Never Know" Katana Zero OST

Fresh off the heels of its a start of a new week which means another New Noize in the books. Started the show off with 2 shades of metal from Japan. MONO new release did come out in January so I was a bit late out the gate but better late than never. Nowhere, Now Here is fantastic. Another record that I have been pumping on the last few shows was the new EDON record, Boy Meets Girl. If you are a fan of this band or Noise Rock in general this is a must pick.


I hit the video game soundtracks pretty hard. ToeJam and Earl are back next week. I reached out to the developers and they were more than happy to give me this OST early to drop some intergalactic funkatron audio, seriously Big Earl has some sweet bass line licks. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! launches March 1st on Steam, Xbox 1, PS4, and Nintendo Switch digital stores. It's an all new adventure game...from 1991. Grab a homie and play a new gig every time. Katana Zero is coming out "soon" via Devolver Games and if you know that game company than you know they games they put put have killer soundtracks (Hotline Miami) Katana Zero devs were not so giving but thats cool, i got a free single that I spun on this past weeks show, download it here. Oh and I hit the another track off the Wargroove OST, game is BANANAS hard but the ultra cute pixel art and dynamic soundtrack keep me focused as I make poor strategic RTS decisions.

HOW HAVE YOU NOT PICKED UP CZARFACE MEETS GHOSTFACE OR MALIBU KEN YET? Both albums are hyper strange and crazy good. Also follow Esoteric Instagram account, especially if you are 35+ and into hip-hop, its hilarious. Right now hes beefing with GENIUS the app that puts out lyrics, his flaming of the company is relentlessly and provides nonstop humor.

Can Stephen Malkmus do any wrong? IDK but the dude is incapable of writing a bad song, this guy is the Master Roshi of indie rock.


***SIDE NOTE---Could you imagine if the #MeToo movement applied to Master Roshi, dude would be done***

Also I have no idea who WAAX is but WAAX is the jam so I must dive deeper.


Last thing, big ups to the Spider-Verse webbing up an Oscar, if you haven't watched this movie and are from the Tri-State and are a person of color prepare to get emotional.