2/14/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Anthrax “Breathing Lighting”
2. With Lion + Teri Gender Bender + Omar Rodriguez Lopez “I Feel You” (Depeche Mode Cover) 
3. So Pitted “Holding the Viod” sub pop
4. Moderat “Reminder” mute
5. Cullen Omari “Cinnamon” sub pop
6. Sun Seeker “No One Knows” thirdman
7. Rihanna “Desperado”  
8. DIIV “Valentine” captured tracks
9. Saul Williams “Groundwork”
10. Wild Nothing “Life of Pause” captured tracks
11. Dreamers “Drugs” 
12. the Brinks “Temporary Love” 
13. A Love Like Pi “Till I Die” arian music
14. Iggy Pop “Gardenia”
15. the Cult “Hinterland”

Happy Valentines Day!!!! Missed out last Sunday because it was Superbowl, game was ok but the Movie Trailers were on point! Really looking forward to the new Borne and Cloverfield. 

Talking movies the Merck with A Mouth killed it with 153 million, which is awesome because it is rated R. More of this please. 

And talking about “more of this” there is so much I didn’t get to which is always a good problem to have(makes for killer playlists like the one above). I tried my damnedest to get Kanye new record for this past Sundays playlist but Tidal made that difficult. Saul Williams and DIIV is on perma-repeat. In fact i was trying to edit All Coltrane Solos at Once (feat Haleek Maul) off of Saul's new album but by hour 2 I got tired of it. 

Here is Deadpool in the Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie, the perfect Valentine days couple :)