1/31/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Suns “Translate” secretly canadian
2. Rihanna “Same ol” Mistake”(Tame Impala Cover) 
3. Wray “May 23rd” communicating vessels
4. Haelos “Dust” matador
5. FEWS “The Zoo”
6. Aurora “Conqueror” glassnote
7. Tortoise “Rock On”(David Essex Cover) thrill jockey
8. Iggy Pop “Gardenia” loma vista/concord
9. the Dandy Warhols “You Are Killing Me”
10. DIIV “Dopamine” sub pop
11. PJ Harvey “the Wheel” vagrant
12. Shearwater “Quite Americans” sub pop
13. Mass Gothic “Every Night You’ve Got to Save Me” sub pop
14. Yeasayer “I Am Chemistry” mute

Last playlist in January and it was a killer one from start to finish. Can we talk about RiRi new Album Anit for a moment? Not only was the entire record produced by Kanye West, but she release released the “regular” version of this for FREE and it became the quicks album to go platinum,not Katy, not Madonna, hell not even Kanye, it was Rihanna, which should be commended. On top of all that she does a 6 minutes+ cover of Tame Impala’s “Same ol” Mistake”, props to my Caribbean Dream. This album had me at the first note, which happend to be a sample from MF DOOM (anyone who knows anything about MetalFingers knows that his sample are not cheap, AT ALL)

In other news I’m pretty sure Donald Trumps running mate will be Martin Shkreli, and when that happens the white circle of heels will be complete!!!!  For reals the RNC looks more and more like the WWF in the 80s, I am assuming Shkreli is Vergil to Donald Dibiase in this scenario,  everyones got a price. 

Also is Martin Shkreli out of his mind, he's fuckin with the Ghost!!!!