5/8/16 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. Radiohead “Daydreaming” xl
2. Mitski “Happy’ dead oceans
3. Kaytranada “Glowed Up” xl
4. James Blake feat Bon Iver “I Need a Forest”
5. New Madrid “Untitled III” normal town
6. Death Grips “eh” harvest
7. METZ “Get Off” sub pop
8. Rufus Du Sol “You Were Right” 
9. White Lung “Narcoleptic”
10. Beyonce feat Jack White “Don’t Hurt Yourself”
11. Anon “Execution” secretly canadian
12. Local Natives “Past Lives” loma vista
13. Homeboy Sandman “”Real New York” stones throw
14. Broncho “Señora Borealis” dine alone

-Hour 2- 

15. Arbor Labor Union “Babel” sub pop
16. The Claypool Lennon Delirium “Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)" ato
17. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard “People-Vultures” ate
18. Sulk “Black Infinity” echo drug
19. Trevor Borden “From the Mountain”
20. M83 “Laser Gun” mute
21. DJ Shadow (feat: Run the Jewels) “Nobody Speaks” mass appeal
22. Bassh “Body” antler
23. Little Scream “Love as a Weapon” merge
24. Gojira “Stranded
25. BORIS “Farewell” relapse 

Well kids first 2 hour show officially in the books, and it was pretty bananas! Had to  kick off the show with some new Radiohead, loving the new record right off the bat. 

And talking about new stuff what a weekend for new music, James Blake, Death Grips and a ton for other records came out this past weekend that you should check out if you haven’t already. I had to drop new Jack White er I mean new Beyonce feat Jack White this Sunday, so many amazing people worked on Lemonade but “Don’t Hurt Yourself” takes the cake.  

Surprises for me came 3 fold, Kaytranada and New Madrid full lengths are thick with back to back to back jamz cover to cover. The 3rd would be this single from Bassh called “Body”, WOW! The only thing I don’t like about Bassh so far is that freaking auto-correct is trying to auto-correct Bassh to Bash…

And I am sure you all are sick of this by now but the day is almost here, SET OFF THE FLARES I AM OFF TO JAPAN ON FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!

I am clear for take off although TSA will have a field day with my body but hey I can’t blame them, I mean I would want to fondle me, right? 

So any last minute suggestions, advice or points of interest for all things Japan will be accepted at this time. i thought the last track was very fitting on a personal note, plus I am seeing BORIS IN TOKYO. 

-Programing Note- No New Noize until after Memorial Day Weekend, so I’ll see you in 3 weekends.