1/22/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. Spoon “Hot Thoughts”
2. Ty Segall “Break a Guitar”
3. Cloud Nothings “Sight Unseen” car park
4. Surfer Blood “Mother of Time”
5. Hanni El Khatib “Paralyzed”
6. Iggy Pop “Gold”
7. Los Campesinos! “Flucloxacillin" wichita
8. Chavez “The Bully Boys”
9. New Language “Frantic Believer”
10. Ryan Adams “Doomsday”
11. Shy Girls “Trivial Motion”
12. Thorcraft Cobra “Caught In Between”
13. Regrettes “Juicebox Baby” wb
14. Tuxedo “Special” stones throw
15. Alex Clare “Tell Me What You Need” etc
16. Sleater Kinney “Surface Envy (Live in Paris)” sub pop
17. Parekh & Singh “I Love Baby I Love You Doll” peace frog 

-Hour 2-

18. Run the Jewels (Feat Zach De La Rocha) “A Report to the Shareholders: Kill Your Masters”
19. Flaming Lips “Nigdy Nie (Never No)” wb
20. Radiohead “Dark Days”
21. the xx “A Violent Noise” young turks
22. the Koreatown Oddity “F*ck Dinosaurs” stones throw
23. Nine Inch Nails “The Idea of You”
24. Cherry Glazerr “Nuclear Bomb” secretly canadian
25. Pissed Jeans “Ignorecam” sub pop
26. 78RPM “Best Friend to Enemy” white water
27. All Them Witches “Don’t Bring Me Coffee” nine west
28. Crumb “Vinna”
29. Entrance “Not Gonna Say Your Name”
30. Hard Proof “Stinger” modern outsider
31. Dr Wylie “Addict”

The transition of power has happened with zero to no violence as the Moldy Orange sits in the highest office our country has to offer. This is no alternative fact, it’s the truth, whatever thats worth. Despite the despair and the January monsoon that has hit southern California I strapped on my Wu-Tang DC boots and dropped another killer 2 hours of New Noize. Hope you enjoyed it.

FYI I am posting the “Album of the Week” on my Instagram later today, follow me here for a chance to win. 

Also quick note to all the wonderful women around the world and here in the USA, way to hold it down for humanity.