1/29/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. Father John Misty “Pure Comedy” sub pop
2. Goldfrapp “Anymore” mute
3. Palmas “Floating in the Dark”
4. Mew “Carrying Me to Safety” pias
5. the New Pornographers “High Tickets Attarctions” 
6. Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes “Lullaby”
7. White Lies “Morning L.A.”
8. Regrettes “Hey Now” wb
9. Spoon “Hot Thoughts”
10. Methel Ethyl “Ubu”
11. Chavez “The Bully Boys”
12. Chelsea Shag “New Perfume”
13. Robot Koch & Savannah Jo Lack “Skipping Stars”
14. the Matinee Dancing on Your Grave” light organ 

-Hour 2- 

15. Thundercat (feat Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins) "Show You the Way” brainfeeder
16. Karrien Riggins “Bahia Dreamns” stonesthrow
17. Tuxedo “July”
18. the Koreatown Oddity (feat Ton7Seize) “Spinning Axis” stonesthrow
19. Gabriel Garzón-Montano “Bombo Fabrika” stonesthrow
20. Flaming Lips “Almost Home (Blisko Donnu)” wb
21. Ty Segall “Freedom”
22. Japandroids “No Known Drink or Drug”
23. All Them Witches “2.5.7.” nine west
24. Crumb “Bones” 
25. Cloud Nothings “Up To the Surface” car park
26. Pissed Jeans “Ignorecam” sub pop
27. Alex Clare “Surviving is Not Living” etc
28. Surfer Blood “Mother of Time”

Another Sunday in the books and I must say I'm killing it, but enough about what you already know.  

Can't get enough of Crumb!!!!! I only have a 3 song sampler/EP thing thing from the label pusher and I gotta get my hands on more. Looking forward to that Father John Misty record, if this new single and video is the theme for his new LP then my expectations are high. And while we are on the subject of being HIGH how HIGH was Ty Segall self titled new album. I think it's his best work yet, and while we are on the subject of kick ass white dudes making music, hour 2 kicked off with Thundercat enlisting Michael McDonald and Santa Barbara local Kenny Loggins on a new track called "Show You the Way”. Pretty sure Thundercat can balance the United States budget, bring peace to the Middle East and create Vegeta’s “Final Flash” attack when he's not making kick as jams. MAD SHOUTOUTS to Stonesthrow, they are bringing some serious heat in Q1 of 2017, so much so I had to give em a block. 

Now lets get personal. I have it easy when it comes to being Muslim on SoCal, people are fairly laid back and not to aggressive in my sleepy Shangri-La beach town. Other brothers and sisters don’t have it as good as I do. Don’t get me wrong, Santa Barbara is no cake walk, but at least I’m not in Tampa. Big UPS to all my peeps holding it down for the international fam at JFK, SFO, LAX and all the other international airports where people are taking it to the streets with action. 

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One last morsel of awesome, the OG G O D Wallaby King Ironman Golden Eagle Pretty Tony che-che-la-ghost, Ghostface Killah is playing a few blocks away from my apt the day before I turn 37, WU TANG!!!!!!!!