12/17/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Goat Girl "Scream"
2. Honey Hahs "Forever"
3. Loma    “Black Willow” sub pop
4. Moaning "Don't Go"
5. Lucy Dacus "Night Shift"
6. Starcrawler "I Love LA"
7. tUnE-yArDs “ABC 123”
8. Belle & Sebastian "Fickle Season"
9. EERA "Watching You"
10. Perel "Die Dimension (Jayda G Remix)"
11. Moby "Like a Motherless Child" mute
12. Johnette Napolitano "CRIB GIRL"    
13. US Girls “Velvet 4 Sale”

-hour 2-

14. Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown "Rise of the Black Suits"
15. Dabrye (ft. Ghostface Killah) "Emancipated"
16. Dessa "Fire Drills"
17. Imarhan "Azzaman"
18. Planet Asia (ft Turbin) "Shots At Your Highness"
19. Sampa The Great "Rhymes To The East"
20. Smerz "Have Fun"
21. Charlotte Day Wilson "Doubt"
22. Hamferð "Hon Syndrast"
23. Electric Wizard "See You In Hell"
24. Harms Way “Human Carrying Capacity”
25. dreambeaches “the only reason you want to go to California is that its the closest thing to heaven in your mind” admirable traits
26. Bekon “Cold As Ice”



Music Not On Spotify List:
10. Perel "Die Dimension (Jayda G Remix)"

A few more weeks left in 2017 and we are winding down here at New Noize. This past Sundays playlist was a nice swatch of whats to come for the early days of 2018. In hour 2 I played back to back tracks featuring Ghostface Killah of the Almighty Wu Tang Clan. The 1st track is a reissue that Mello Music group is putting out. It's taken from the "brown tape" a project by GHK and Apollo Brown which originally was released on the failed RZA's label known as Soul Temple. I am still out 100+ after pre ordering a special edition vinyl set, which blows cause all of the music that came out on Soul Temple was insanely good. The 2nd track feature's Pretty Tony on a track by Dabrye. I am curious to see who else was enlisted by Dabrye for his new album. Also in hour 2 I dropped the new Planet Asia, good to see him back in the studio making banger after banger. Got some metal action going with Hamferð, Electric Wizard, & Harms Way. 


FIRE UPDATE! So I am in the Thomas Fire area which has blown up to be the 3rd largest wildfire in California's recorded history. As of now me and the little lady are out of the evacuation area and I see blue skies off my balcony after 2 weeks of smoked filled nastiness. Hopefully this trend continues and this fire finally wants to die down. These firefighters are out of this world brave and to see their deification to fighting this blazing inferno is awe inspiring. Mass respect to these cats.


Next week I will be in the studio for Christmas Eve and this upcoming New Noize will be filled with holiday themed music. Even though I am Muslim I LOVE ME SO FREAKIN CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Especially when my favorite artists and bands do these covers of Christmas classic. Its like my favorite drink, hot chocolate with Baileys, try it and you will see what I see.

Till next Sunday you Nutcrackers...