2/5/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

-Hour 1-

1. Crystal Fairy “Chiseler”
2. Mastodon “Show Yourself”
3. White Reaper “Judy French”
4. Future Island “Ran”  
5. Me and that Man “My Church is Black”
6. Less Than Jake “Bomb Drop” 
7. Avalon Landing “Only Kids”
8. Dropkick Murphys “Paying My Way” born and bread
9. Portugal the Man “Noise Pollution”
10. the Menzingers “Bad Catholics” epitaph
11. Mew “Carry Me to Safety”
12. the Bombpops “Capable of Lies” fat wreck chords
13. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears “Sexual Tensions” ingrooves  
13. the New Pornographers “High Tickets Attractions”
14. Methel Ethyl “Ubu”
15. Real Estate “Darling” domino


16. Father John Misty “Ballad of the Dying Man” sub pop
17. Mac Demarco “Can You Deal”
18. Strand of Oak “Salt Brothers” dead oceans
19. Ty Segall “Orange Color Queen”
20. Japandroids “Midnight To Morning”
21. Bonobo “7th Sevens”
22. Thundercat (feat Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins) "Show You the Way” brainfeeder
23. Justice “Alakazam!” 
24. Karrien Riggins “oddness” stonesthrow
25. Emily Wells “Im No Heroine” thesis instinct
26. Sofi Tukker “Johnny”
27. Hollerado “Born Yesterday”
28. Goldfrapp “Anymore” mute
29. Craig Finn “Preludes” partisan

Did you see what Lady GaGa did last night? So did I!!! How much gusto does this little white lady have? I DON'T CARE what anyone says, the amount of bravery it takes to jump off the roof of the Houston Texans Dome is something very few people have and apparently Lady GaGa is one of those people. Plus you know the whole thing about the New England Patriots coming back from the biggest Super Bowl deficit EVER! As a NY Giants fan there are few things I hate more than the Patriots (the Cowboys hold that #1 hate spot) but even I can appreciate the immense talent of Tom FREAKING Brady. That guy threw for over 400 yards and willed that win, pretty fantastic stuff. If you are an Atlanta Falcons fan odds are you probably called out sick this Monday. What a game. 

This Sunday was also witness to another New Noize. 

*****Brief side note, I have covered the Reggae specialty show “The Reggae Soundclash” for the past 3 weeks now, pretty sure I’m sporting dreads*****

Each Sunday keeps getting better not because I can weave some amazing playlists, it’s because there is so much new music coming out its a bit like 2016 all over again (not a bad thing). During the New Noize set I got in some deeper cuts form the new Strand of Oak,Ty Segall, Japandroids and Bonobo. Father John Misty has released 3 new songs (and videos) as of today and they hype just keeps growing for his upcoming record. The super group Crystal Fairy keeps impressing with their new single Chiseler. Despite the woes that are being felt in the A-T-L area after those dirty birds did not finish comes great news. One of my “unicorn bands”(bands for some reason the cosmos don’t want me to see live) Mastodon has released a new single and you know your boy spun it. 

In gaming news nothing…JK yo. I was thinking about picking up Nioh, but then I read a review saying this was “Dark Souls with Samurais” and I quickly lost interest. BUT For Honor has sparked the fire of interest and I will be rocking that come Valentines day.