4/16/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Kamasi Washington  "Truth" young turks
2. Kendric Lamar feat U2 "XXX" top dawg
3. Jack White "Battle Cry" thirdman
4. Blockhead "Get Your Regal On" young heavy souls
5. Little Dragon "Push" 
6. Ho99o9 "City Rejects" caroline
7. Bobs Burgers "the Diarrhea Song" sub pop
8. Mac Demarco "On the Level" captured tracks
9. PLANETARIUM "Saturn" 
10. Arca "Urchin" 
11. Loose Tooth "Day Old Glory" Father/Daughter
12. Wavves "Million Enemies" ghost ramp
13. Beware of Darkness "Summersdaze"
14. Mew "Twist Quest" pias

-Hour 2- 

15. Yi "Lady Fingers" hand drawn dracula
16. Pile "No Bone" exploding in sound
17. Whitney "You've Got a Woman" (Dolly Parton Cover) 
18. Future Islands "Day Glow Fire"
19. PWR BTTM "LOL" polyvinyl
20. Tombs "Cold" metal blade  
21. Thurston Moore "Smoke of Dreams"
22. the Black Angels "Comanche Moon" partisan
23. Father John Misty "A Bigger Paper Bag" sub pop
24. Marika Hackman "My Lover Cindy" 
25. Current Swell "It Ain't Right" netwerk
26. Alexandra Savior "Magic"
27. Little Hurricane "OTL" death valley
28. Lusine "Slow Motion" ghostly 

15. Yi "Lady Fingers" hand drawn dracula
22. the Black Angels "Comanche Moon" partisan 

Good afternoon to all the professionals and fans of New Noize. I'm sure everyone out there is nursing a post Coachella hangover from this past weeks festivities in Indio California. I decided not to go to the desert, and by "I" I mean my bank account. Maybe one day someone will hook up this DJ with the VIP celebrity experience a la VIP tickets and a free hotel room. Until I get to SECREST STATUS I will be happy right here in SB. And that's not to say I didn't have a fantastic week, quite the opposite. I saw Radiohead's warm up show, it was so freaking good I did a separate write up on my site, so check it. I also got a last minute phone call on Friday night from a hommie who was stuck with an extra ticket to see the Migos at the Arlington. It was fun, I dig their album Culture and they got the sold out crowd moving throughout their mic hot set (seriously sound man get the feedback situation right) I was clearly the oldest guy without offspring there. Also I have never seen that many people say the N word since Jigga at Coachella. 

New Noize standouts include the new Jack White "Battle Cry" and Bobs Burgers song off their upcoming sub pop release. It took me a bit to get these tracks so I really hope you enjoy the 2 hour set. I dove deeper into Father John Misty, Black Angels, Loose Tooth and Pile records. Really looking forward to the full length by the Ho99o9, they are from my home state of NJ so this album will rip, right?  

In other news saw 2 flicks, Ghost in the Shell and Turbo Kid (on netflix). Ghost in the Shell was not bad at all. It took some time to get going, and they switched around a bunch of shit around BUT overall this was a good movie. Scar-Joe held it down as the Major and I think the film did well to address the central there of "Identity" and "control" Turbo Kid on netflix was a 5 star flick. Style, soundtrack, scenery everything about this movie screams fun. There's a sweet love story wrapped in the modern campy movie with so many 80s film references you will loose count after the first 30 minutes. 

ALSO make sure to participate in Record Store day this weekend. Due to my economic situation I will not be going the extra mile for records and my RSD show may have to be skipped. Although I may have enough wax from this year to do an all vinyl set, we shall see.