4/23/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Chastity Belt "Caught in a Lie" hardly arts
2. Girl Pool "It Gets Me Blue"
3. Chicano Batman "Friendship" ato
4. Mount Kimbie feat James Blake "We Go Home Together"
5. the Black Black "I Am A Grandiose Romantic Gesture" money fire
6. the Afghan Wigs "Araibian Hieghts"
7. Violents & Monica Martian "Equal Powers" partisan
8. Little Dragon "Strobe Light" loma vista
9. Hoops "Rules" fat possum
10. Pile "hairshirt" exploding in sound
11. Nightlands "Love is Love"
12. Wavves "Million Enemies" ghost ramp
13. Dirty Projectors "Little Bubble" domino
14. Melt "Forget" 
15. Marika Hackman "My Lover Cindy" 

-Hour 2- 

16. Charlotte Dos Santos "Red Clay"
17. Braxton Cook "FJYD"
18. Kendrick Lamar "DNA" top dawg
19. Father John Misty "Smoochie" sub pop
20. MNDSGN feat Swarvy "Bweyy"
21. Blockhead "Coloring Book" young heavy souls
22. Black Lips feat Yoko Ono "Occidental Front" vice
23. Bobs Burgers "The Fart Song" sub pop
24. Mastodon "Word to the Wise" reprise
25. Low Cut Connie "Revolution Rock n Roll" contender
26. Yi "Sleep Talk" hand drawn dracula
27. Charly Bliss "Black Hole" barsuk
28. Jack White "Battle Cry" thirdman
29. the Jesus and Mary Chain "Presidici Et Chapaquiditch" artificial plastic
30. CO/NTRY "Cash Out" simone
31. Hovvdy "Problem" double double whammy
32. Slowdrive "Star Roving" dead oceans 

5. the Black Black "I Am A Grandiose Romantic Gesture" money fire
11. Nightlands "Love is Love"
14. Melt "Forget" 
22. Black Lips feat Yoko Ono "Occidental Front" vice 

What a Week. Happy post 420. For this "holiday" I saw Russian Circles, Eagles of Death Metal and MASTODON! It was my 1st time seeing Mastodon and it was fantastic. Their set list was a booming reflection of their entire career. Needless to say the closed the show with "March of the Fire Ants" It was a true success. 

It was also Earth Day weekend and in SB we do it BIG! Both Jack Johnson and Jeff Bridges were walking amongst their local neighborhood. What did I do? After working a bit of board opt duty with one of our flagship DJ's, Phat J, I ended up catching Little Dragon opening for Glass Animals who closed out the show. Little Dragon completely slayed as awalys droping a "best of" set. It was Glass Animals last show of their tour and you could tell they pulled out all the tricks and jams. I was impressed as was the sold out Santa Barbra Bowl crowd. 

OH AND IT WAS RECORD STORE DAY!!!! Shoutouts to all that participated and supported their local record store. Did I get everything I wanted? No, but it was still a great success. I will go into the whole RSD thing when I do my all wax set next week!

As per the norm I hope you like this past Sunday's New Noize, still one of the best new music specialty shows in the world.