4/30/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. ODESZA "Late Night"
2. Jimmy Urine "End Boss"
3. Com Truise "Memory"
4. CO/NRTY "Second Life" factor
5. Dustin WOng & Takako Minekawa "Zaaab"
6. PLANETARIUM "Mercury"
7. the Night Game "The Outfield"
8. Woods "Love is Love" woodist
9. Boxed In "Shadowboxing" 
10. Brick + Mortar "One Little Pill"
11. Foster the People "Doing It For the Money"
12. Lord Echo (Feat Mara & TK) "The Sweetest Meditation"

-Hour 2- 

13. Shabazz Palaces "Shine a Light" sub pop
14. DJ Shadow & Nas "Systamatic"
15. Ghostpoet "Immigrant Boogie" 
16. Kendrick Lamar "DNA" top dawg
17. Gorillaz (feat DRAM) "Andromeda"
18. El Michels Affair (feat Lee Fields and the Shacks) "Tearz" big crown
19. Charlotte Dos Santos "Red Clay"
20. Braxton Cook "I Can't"
21. Ike Reiko "Experience" bamboo
22. Brutus "All Along" sargent house
23. Bob's Burgers "Darryl's Slow Jam" sub pop
24. Julien Taylor Band "Chemical Low"
25. Basement "For You the Moon" fueled by ramen
26. Afghan Whigs "Copernicus" sub pop
27. Chastity Belt "Caught in a Lie" hardly arts
28. Father John Misty "Total Entertainment Forever" sub pop
29. Mac Demarco "Dreams of Yesterday" captured tracks


Music Not On Spotify List: 
6. PLANETARIUM "Mercury"
23. Bob's Burgers "Darryl's Slow Jam" sub pop
26. Afghan Whigs "Copernicus" sub pop
29. Mac Demarco "Dreams of Yesterday" captured tracks

You know what it is, it's New Noize! For fans of the show (yes I'm talking to all 3 of you) you may have noticed no "all vinyl set". Besides me being a dirty liar, a series of mishaps, early birthday festivties (not my b day) and life curve ball on the form of termites have caused the all wax set to be postponed. 

On to this weeks New Noize playlist. I played some longer tracks this week, thus the shorter playlist. Not only did I get new Com Truise, he apparently is playing a few blocks from my house, May 10th to be exact. I got some full lengths and dived deep into the Afghan Whigs, Mac Demarco, Bobs Burgers, CO/NRTY and Basement. OH I did spin 1 record store day release, Ike Reiko. If you were lucky enough to score the Ike Reiko vinyl, the insert came with a cd. What I wasn't prepared for was the coding on my itunes which is totally in Japanese. Lucky for me the jack of the CD as well as the vinyl is in English. Also fun fact I got 0690 of 1000. 

As far as singles go, I had to kick off the show with new ODESZA. Also spun new Shabazz Palaces, DJ Shadow & Nas, Brutus and Foster the People. Talking Foster the People, WTF! I mean they totally stole Every Time I Die's font for thier cover art. I applaud Every Time I Die twitter person for calling them out on social media. For reals who doesn't like a good indie rock feud. Then again maybe Foster the People did this on purpose, their new single is called "Doing It For the Money" after all. 

The surprise bonus was the new Jimmy Urine full length record. This is his solo project from his immensely popular Mindless Self Indulgence band that he is known for. I'll be honest, I am not a huge fan of MSI but after hearing this album maybe I should go back and give it another chance. From the opening notes I was immediately attracted to this new album release. Maybe it's the appealing "video game" feel I get but all I know is I am looking for excuses to spend more time with this new record. 

Until next time..