5/14/17 New Noize MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Boris "Absolutego" sargent house
2. Ho99o9 "New Jersey Devil"
3. Thurston Moore "Aphrodite" caroline
4. Dead Cross "Grave Slave" ipecac
5. Russian Circles "Vorel (LIVE)" sargent house (Off Live Record) 
6. She Devils "Hey Boy" dead oceans
7. the National "The System Dreams in Total Darkness"
8. Karen O "Living In A Trace" (Ferlin amazon (Taken from The Man In the High Castle Soundtrack) 
9. Algiers"Underside of Power"
10. Shabazz Palaces "30 Clip Extension" sub pop
11. Black Lips "Interlude E'Lectric Spider Webz" 
12. Girl Pool "It Gets More Blue" anti
13. Fleet Foxes "Fools Errand"

-Hour 2-

14. Kevin Morby "Aboard My Train" dead oceans
15. Alex Ebert "Broken Record"
16. Cende "Bed" double double whammy
17. Eyedress "Sticky Green Leaves" lex
18. Gorilaz (Feat Grace Jones) "Charger" wb
19. MAKO "Let Go of the Wheel" ultra
20. Joywave "It's A Trip"
21. Fire in the Radio "New Air" wednesday
22. Palehound "Flowing Over" polyvinyl
23. the Drums "Blood Under My Belt" anti
24. Tiger Jaw "June" 
25. Vice Versa "Love the Way"
26. Juiceboxx "Freaking Out"
27. the Future Babes "Dazed"
28. Matt and Sam's Brother "Middle Man"
29. Hiber "What You Need"


Music Not On Spotify List:
8. Karen O "Living In A Trace" (Ferlin amazon (Taken from The Man In the High Castle Soundtrack)
17. Eyedress "Sticky Green Leaves" lex
25. Vice Versa "Love the Way"

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! Since humans still do not have the capability to create other humans without moms we all have moms so happy mothers day. Alas I live thousands of miles away from my moms but its cool cause facetime. ON TO THE MUSIC.

Hopefully I hit any and all expectations. Super psyched about the new Boris record but to name their 1st single the name of their 1st studio record is damn confusing. I am not complaining by any means though, not only is this track HEAVY it's Boris 25th anniversary. Shabazz Palaces decided to drop an additional album AND artbook and I got my grubby digits on the new single, "30 Clip Extension", and this experience is already poppin off. Algiers surprised a dude with a boom noisey track that really set the tone for the entire show. I can't leave that Eyedress album alone, the entire thing back to back to back is in constant rotation on all devices. 

Quick movie notes. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was great! On par with the OG. ITS ALIEN COVENANT TIME!!!!! Hype levels are over 9000 for this one, and I am counting down the days when Reebok releases their alien sneaker. Will I try to buy a pair, yup. Will I get a pair, probably not. 

LAST THINGS LAST, Bungie is gonna show gameplay of Destiny 2!!!!! This gaurdian is stoked to see what Destiny 2 is all about. I think they will open the beta up later this week (they won't)