5/28/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Daddy Issues "In your Head"
2. Washed Out "Get Lost" Stonesthrow
3. Fictionist "Lazarus" harbour
4. Paste Hell "Each day We're Slain" 
5. Melt "Riffer" danger collective
6. Cheerleader "Feel Like That"
7. RAC feat Rivers Cuomo "I Still Wanna Know" counter
8. Sl0tface "Magazine" propeller
9. Making Moves feat Hurray for the Riff Raff, Alaina "Brave Enough"
10. Omar Souleyman "Ya Boul Habari" mad decent
11. Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa "7,000,000,000 Human Elements"
12. Big Walnuts Yonder "All Against All" sargent house
13. Mutoid Man "Melt Your Mind" sargent house
14. Save Ferris "Anything"
15. Joywave "It's A Trip"
16. the Cuckoos "Get It On" jiggy jig
17. Girlpool "Kiss & Burn" anti

-Hour 2-

18. Marika Hackman "Boyfriend" sub pop
19. '68 "The Workers Are Few" cooking vinyl
20. Chastity Belt "What the Hell" hardly arts
21. Trevor Sensor "High Beams" jagjaguwar
22. Danger Mouse feat Run the Jewels & Big Boi "Chase Me"
23. Busy P feat Mayer Hawthorne "Genie" ed banger
24. Ho99o9 "Street Power"
25. Shabazz Palaces "Since CAYA" sub pop
26. DJ Premier feat Cherub "My Space Baby"
27. Blessed "Fairytale" yebo
28. OOIOO "ina" thrill jockey
29. Dead Cross "Grave Slave" ipecac
30. Boris "Absolutego" sargent house
31. Eyedress "Used To Be Good Friends" 


Music Not On Spotify List:
3. Fictionist "Lazarus" harbour
4. Paste Hell "Each day We're Slain"
6. Cheerleader "Feels Like That"
10. Omar Souleyman "Ya Boul Habari" mad decent
11. Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa "7,000,000,000 Human Elements"
20. Chastity Belt "What the Hell" hardly arts
27. Blessed "Fairytale" yebo
31. Eyedress "Used To Be Good Friends" 

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!! To all that defended this country a big ups and thank you. We take pause to remember all the fallen patriots out there for letting us have the freedoms we have. 

New Noize took a small break 2 Sundays ago and is back this past Sunday for an "OVER THE TOP" radio set. I had 2 weeks worth of new music to cram into 2 hours which made it extra hard to pick selections for this past New Noize. I busted open full lengths and dove deep on Omar Souleyman, Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, Big Walnuts Yonder, Mutoid Man, Girl Pool, '68 & Chastity Belt. AGAIN I have said this before and I must say this again, this Eyedress record has latched on to me like a face-hugger from Aliens and I am excited to see what pops out of my chest. Also threw in some singles by Danger Mouse (featuring Run the Jewels & Big Boi, SAY WHAT!!!!), Save Ferris & Shabazz Palaces (sub pop mart opened another single and instead of waiting for the label to send me the clean version I edited it myself, cause you know the people need to hear Shabazz Palaces) 

In concert going news I FINALLY got to see NJ's own Ho99o9 down in LA at the Echo and they did not disappoint. I think my neck is still bruised up from the pit. Ok that is a lie, LA mosh pits are pretty tame. I did take some rad videos that I threw up on the gram, so follow me if you haven't already. 

Lastly...SHOUTOUTS! To all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there, it's Ramadan and with all that's going on out there in the world be safe while you observe the most holy of months. I am no model Muslim. I would even go as far to say as I am a the worst, but I do observe Ramadan when it comes around. If you aren't a Muslim but know a few, be extra nice to em and DON'T offer to take them to lunch. Which by the way happens way too much to me at during Ramadan. It's like, "Hey Haaris I never say lets go to lunch but for the next 30 days I am going to ask you over and over and over. Dang it Im going off on tangents again, anyways enjoy the playlist and I will be back next week with more new content.