9/25/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. the Clientele “Lunar Days” merge
2. King Krule “Dum Surfer”
3. Shout Out Louds “Porelain” merge
4. The Lemon Twigs “Why Didn't You Say That”
5. Lovely Bad Things “Slug Boy” burger
6. Tycho “Slack” ghostly
7. L.A. Witch “Feel Alright” suicide squeeze
8. ODESZA feat. The Chamanas “Everything At Your Feet”
9. Griz “Faded” ryhmesayers
10. Slothrust “Sex and Candy”
11. the Safes “Hometown” hidden volume popular sounds
12. Wild Belle “Untamed Heart”
13. Shame “Concrete”
14. SSHH “Jet Engines”
15. Cloud Control “Lights on the Chrome” 
16. Mister Heavenly “Pink Cloud Compression” polyvinyl 

-Hour 2-

17. Ibeyi “Me Voy”
18. Bjork “The Gate”
19. Death From Above “Nomad” 
20. Giraffage (ft. Matosic) “Maybes”
21. Perfume Genius “Slip Away”
22. Ariel Pink “Feels Like Heaven” mexican summer
23. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Little Thing Gone Wild”
24. METZ “Sink” sub pop
25. Swears (ft Biddy Smiles) “Dance with the Devil”
26. Prawn “North Lynx” top shelf
27. Chad Vangaalen “Static Shape” sub pop
28. Joseph of Mercury “Find You Inside”
29. Mount Kimbie “Four Years and One Day” warp



Music Not On Spotify List:
9. Griz “Faded” ryhmesayers
16. Mister Heavenly “Pink Cloud Compression” polyvinyl 

AHHHH WHAT HAPPENED? Every Sunday I go in and out of showcasing my New Noize playlist with highlights of a few tracks I have played, mixed with some commentary on anime, movies, video games and some sweet ass gifs. I am chaining bit up this week and apologize in advanced.

I no longer understand wtf is going on with the powers that be. Over the weekend a president that I did not vote for who holds office spewed some more fassisct garbage at a rally about prohibiting free speech in the United States. Wether you take a knee during the anthem (a tradition which by the way started as a propaganda movement post WW1) burn the flag or wear it as thong bikini we here in the USA have the right to do whatever we want. Pretty sure my parents left Pakistan for that reason along with a thousand others. Can you imagine as a citizen of this great country getting shot for an opinion by the state? Probably not, especially if you haven’t visited any of these politically unfree nations. You will never understand that feeling of repression, unless you are a minority, a woman or gay in the United States. 


Hey I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be out right disgusted by people protesting the flag, you can totally hate it. BUT you can’t take that right away. You CAN’T have the president of the united states voice his un-American opinion name calling citizens that are peacefully protesting. 

Here is a fact about your president, he has never served or held any type of military position and attacked a war vet who was also a Prisoner of War. Yeah that is a fact. 

WITH ALL THAT SAID Puerto Rico needs us bad but you don’t see our president grandstanding about a relief effort. Instead he is flaming the fires of war via twitter and creating an extreme amount of tension for our allies in Asia, specifically Japan and South Korea. 

The only silver lining I see is that as soon as this Cheeto offends a group of people, they come together to respond to (insert hateful comment). I am not down with this divide but I am taken back by the reliance that is the United States and our ability to come together even though the president is trying to divide us. 

*jumps off soap box*

Sorry about that but I had to get that out there. Instead doing my normal song and dance about what I have played I am gonna brag about the shows I am going to this week. 

TONGHT is Tycho, they are playing a small venue called the Lobero here in town. Super duper excited to get my instrumental rock on. Wednesday night its Perfume Genius and the XX at the SBBowl. I am getting there early as I do dig me some Perfume Genius. My instgram game will be busy this week.

Until next Sunday…