9/17/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Bjork “The Gate”
2. Eric Copeland “Boogieman” dfa
3. TOKiMONSTA “Bibimbap”
4. Andrew Hung “Animal”
5. ODESZA (feat. Leon Bridges) “Across The Room“
6. Alice Glass “Blood Oath”
7. Cut Copy “Black Rainbows”
8. Abhi The Nomad “Mama Bling”
9. Giraffage (ft. Japanese Breakfast) “Maybes”
10. Washed Out "Get Lost" (J Rocc Remix) stones throw  
11. Ani DiFranco “Even More”
12. Fleet Foxes “On Another Ocean”
13. Beach Slang “Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas”

-Hour 2-

14. Ariel Pink “Dreamdate Narcissist” mexican summer
15. METZ “Lost In the Blank City” sub pop
16. Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever “Wither With You” sub pop
17. Chad Vangaalen “Host Body” sub pop
18. Bully “Running” sub pop
19. Gruntruck “Bar Fly” found
20. Lee Ranaldo “Purloined” mute
21. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Little Thing Gone Wild”
22. Deer Tick “Doomed from the Start” partisan
23. Deer Tick “Look How Clean I Am” partisan
24. the National “Turtleneck” 4ad
25. Tera Melos “Warpless Run” sargent house
26. Deerhoof  (ft. Awkwafina) “Your Dystopic Creation Doesn't Fear You”
27. Mount Kimbie feat Micachu “Marylin” warp
28. Manhattan Murder Mystery “Dumb” miedlena



Music Not On Spotify List:
2. Eric Copeland “Boogieman” dfa
10. Washed Out "Get Lost" (J Rocc Remix) stones throw
15. METZ “Lost In the Blank City” sub pop


Welcome to another week in New Noize and as always it’s your boy with another New Noize playlist, write up and gifs. This week was thick with full length albums arriving on my desk and it took HOURS to get this show set up. I seriously had about 4 hours of music to cut down to the 2 hour show run time and it was difficult to say the least. 


For hour 1 I ran with that electronic feeling and kicked things off with the spirit animal known to us mortals as Bjork. I did play the radio edited version (as the album version is about a 6 minutes long) of “The Gate” and if this is setting the tone for her new album (which supposedly is going to be called Utopia) then I am all in. I just hope she doesn’t price out her fans, her last tour was FUCKING EXPENSIVE. I didn’t see Bjork on her last tour mostly because of the price and the fact the label could care less if I attended. Hopefully when she comes around this time I will be able to see this force of nature. 

Another success story of hour 1 is the return of TOKiMONSTA. She has had a rough year. Apparently she had brain surgery and in a recent interview she said the doctors “cut out the part of the brain that makes music” and had to relearn everything. I can’t imagine the struggle TOKiMONSTA had to endure to get back to top form. The road to recovery has paid off in spades as her new music is pure fire. Looking forward to the rest of this release. 

Hour 2 I shifted gears and got in the deep end on some full lengths I mentioned earlier in this write up. Ariel Pink is back and I don’t think this dude knows how to make a bad song. I am completely in love with “Dedicated To Bobby Jameson” and once it comes out you should fall in love with it to. I created a Sub Pop block with METZ, RBCF, Chad Vangaalen and Bully. FYI Sub Pop is slowly draining my bank account, all these “loser” editions vinyls are just so damn cool. Most of hour 2 was handpicking select tracks from all the full lengths sent my way including music from the National, Deerhoof, Tera Melos, Mount Kimbie, Manhattan Murder Mystery and Deer Tick. Deer Tick is releasing a double album. Volume 1 is all acoustic but then in Volume 2 Deer Tick plugs in. I am more of a Volume 2 kinda guy. 


Other thing things of note that happened this weekend was me failing over and over trying to achieve any wins in the Trails of the Nine. If you play Destiny you know what I am talking about. If you are reading this and you are a Trails player and want to help me out hit me UP! MenglerMeng is my PSN name. 


I also saw Mother this weekend. It was TERRIBLE. SO freaking bad. How did this dumpster fire cost 33 million dollars. Oh and I get what the movie was trying to say/convey, I’m not that thick but come on! This movie was not entertaining, not thought provocation or scary. Anyone that says they like Mother is riding around on a unicycle sporting a man bun while smoking an old school pipe with a flying squirrel sleeping in his left chest pocket. I can not get my 2 hours back and I should have seen IT. 


Before I peace out I just wanted to say, GO GIANTS! Now go enjoy the rest of your week.