9/3/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Ursula 1000 “Chess King”
2. LCD Soundsystem “Other Voices” dfa
3. Bicep “Glue”
4. Cloud Control “Rainbow City”
5. Queens of the Stone Age “The Evil Has Landed” matador
6. Io Echo “Harm”
7. Cloakroom “The Sun Wont Let Us Go” relapse
8. Wolf Parade “You're Dreaming”
9. Zola Jesus “Remains” sacred bones
10. Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett “Over Everything”
11. Liars “Face to Face With My Face” mute
12. Midnight Sister “Leave You” jagjaguwar

-Hour 2-

13. Ibeyi (feat Kamasi Washington) “Deathless”
14. Brendon Small “Icarus Six Sixty Six”
15. Cripper “Mother”
16. Ensiferum “Way of the Warrior”
17. Living Colour “FOX”
18. Cults “I Took Your Picture”
19. Car Seat Headrest “War Is Coming (If You Want It)”
20. Bully “Running” sub pop
21. Cardi B (feat Offset) “Lick (Remix)”
22. Nosaj Thing “U G” innovative leisure
23. Julia Jacklin “Eastwick”
24. the Preatures “Girlhood” harvest
25. Wu Tang (feat Redman) “People Say”
26. Lana Del Rey ”In My Feelings”



Music Not On Spotify List:
9. Zola Jesus “Remains” sacred bones
15. Cripper “Mother”
17. Living Colour “FOX”


What up from the melting point which is Santa Barbara California. Over this Labor Day Weekend all along the golden coast temperatures SKY ROCKETED. As a dude who has no Air Conditioning things were pretty unbearable. On Sunday luckily I went to a Fantasy Football draft at my Music Programmers spot and he has AC. Around the 4th round the temperature dropped, it got dark and then over the next 8 minutes the sky broke into buckets of water, the winds were roaring through the backyard and I got some salad dressing on my laptop. OH and the power went out and for a round and a half yahoo decided all of our 4th and 5th round picks. The word on the street is it was a mini hurricane, but global warming is real right America? 

I know, you aren’t here to read about Fantasy Football or the weather are you?


You’re here for New Noize and I hope I delivered this past Sunday. So much to unpack here so I will give all you New Noizers out there some of my highlights. LCD Soundsystems new Album is like butter, it goes with everything. I also hand selected cuts from other full lengths including QOTSA, Cloakroom (which I am obsessed with) Liars and the hauntingly thick Zola Jesus record. In the second hour I spun a small metal block which included “Icarus Six Sixty Six” by Brendon Small. Small’s new album Galaktikon II: Become the Storm is fantastic and its got my conspiracy brain working. Think about it for a second, Brendon Small is releasing a new record, Mastodon is releasing a new EP and Gojira is on tour in America right now. Put all of those factors together, mix in some serious speculation and a dash of hope and my brain spits out a new Metalocalypse. For reals are these guys getting the greatest animated metal band to grace the history of humanity back together?  This Dethklok fan sure as hell hopes so.


On the singles side of things the new Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett “Over Everything” is the motherfuckin jam. I hope they cut a whole record together like Jigga and Yeezus did. It would be the Indie rock equivalent of “Watch the Throne” for white people. Before you get into a tizzy, indie rock is DOMINATED by white people. FACTS! I could go on and on about each and every song I played but I suggest just following my New Noize playlist on Spotify and getting into the groove yourself. 


HYPE TIME! Did anyone else play Gundam Versus beta this past long weekend? I sure as hell did and was rocking cats in Deathscythe, Wing Zero and Epyon mobile suits. The beta was great! Huge roster to choose from, multiple game modes and the ability to play online made this demo/preview/test loads of fun BUT I do have one complaint Bandai. How in the name of Char Aznable did you not make the tutorial mode open in this beta? How do you expect new players to dive deep or even get a sense of Gundam Versus with the tutorial mode locked? And why is this the ONLY MODE that is locked? Bandai needs to get to the bottom of this and make moves. Other than that huge flaw this beta was a welcomed experience and I will be getting this game on launch.


TONIGHT it's all about DESTINY 2! I have been waiting years for Destiny 2 to come out and now I’m counting down the hours. Are there any other guardians out there? Get at me, I will be building my clan up and getting down on both PvE and PvP. Many hours will be burned in the next arc of the Desitny universe.


See you in orbit at 9pm PST tonight guardians and next Sunday for New Noize. 


Dead orbit for life.