9/10/17 New Noize on 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. the National “I’ll Still Destroy You”
2. Tera Melos “Trash Generator”
3. Lovely Bad Things “Teenage Grownups”
4. Fleet Foxes “On Another Ocean”
5. Beck “Up All Night”
6. Mathew Dear feat Tegan and & Sara “Bad Ones”
7. Gary Numan “My Name Is Ruin”
8. Motorhead “God Save The Queen”
9. Eddie Vedder    “Out of Sand”
10. St. Vincent “Los Ageless”
11. Dream Wife “Fire”
12. Alle Farben & Janieck “Little Hollywood”
13. Alvvays “Your Type”
14. Cloud Control “Zone” ivy league

-Hour 2-

15. Bicep “Opal”
16. LCD Soundsystem “emotional haircut” dfa
17. Deer Tick “Don't Hurt”
18. Good Tiger “The Devil Thinks I'm Sinking”
19. Pains of Being Pure At Heart “Anymore” painbow
20. Io Echo “Harm”
21. Phoebe Bridges “Motion Sickness” dead oceans
22. Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett “Over Everything”
23. the Lonely Biscuit “Talk About”
24. Ibeyi (feat Kamasi Washington) “Deathless”
25. Camp Cope “Jet Fuel Cant Melt Steel Beams” run for cover
26. Midnight Sister “Daddy Long Legs” jagjaguwar
27. Cloakroom “Hymnal” relapse 



Music Not On Spotify List:
17. Deer Tick “Don't Hurt”


So moms was right everybody, this eclipse is really throwing the Earth for a wobble. Well she’s semi true according to my 15 minutes of research via google. Not only did we get a solar eclipse, there was a huge solar flare that is stirring up the Earths emotions much like a Puerto-Rican ex girlfriend. Lets look at the madness which occurred after the eclipse and solar flare. In my local zone we got hit with a heat wave that concluded in a “microburst” which is a mini hurricane/tornado/wtf is going on storm that lasts for about 10 minutes which messed up the downtown scene. On a national level Houston’s situation is pretty scary and now Florida has to deal with 3 concurrent hurricanes. On an international level Pakistan, Bangladesh & India have been devastated by earthquakes and floods which have left millions displaced and thousands dead. Then last night right before my New Noize set in Santa Barbara the night sky started to roll and lite up with a beautiful lightning show (which is a rare occurrence in this area). But hey, climate change still isn’t a thing right my fellow Americans? 

On to things we can control, and you can blame me 1000% on this past Sundays New Noize playlist. Despite the solar flare & thunderstorm New Noize weathered the chaos for 2 hours of curated new music. Of course I joined the band wagon and played something off the new National record, it’s a pretty good album. I also explored some other full lengths including Phoebe Bridges, Camp Cope, Midnight Sister, Tera Melos & the Twins Peak Soundtrack (like I wasn’t gonna play Eddie Vedder)

In the world of singles I spun the highly hyped new St. Vincent track “Los Ageless”. IDK whats up with St. Vincent. This new persona she is using to promote her new record is rubbing me the wrong way. It’s like a dead pan Paris Hilton NYC socialite. Growing up in the Tri-State I had two deal with these bohemian rich white NYC ladies and I didn’t dig it then and I sure as hell don’t dig it now. I mean I get it, satire is something I do understand but this is wasted on me. I'm being a bit critical on Anne, but I really dig all of her records and am hoping that the music will outshine the oddness of this new persona. If you are from this area rule #1 is you don’t bite other peoples style and it seems like St Vincent is biting off of Father John Misty. Let Josh do Josh and you do you Anne. 


Another single I have issues with is the new Beck. I have nothing but good things to say about this guy in real life. I have met him a few times now and though the encounters are brief, he’s a genuine dude, a nice guy and his Japanese sneaker game is premier. With that said Beck released yet another single off his record that is never coming out. I have waited of this album for years now, yes it has been years since "Wow" (ok its been a year but it feels like a decade) Beck you are not a member of the Wu-Tang Clan so please stop biting their release game and come out with this record. Seriously every single he has release that is going to be on his upcoming record has been supremely funked out, and I NEED THE FUNK BECK!

I’ll say it again, I need the funk. 

NYC STAY UP SUN. You know what it is, I will never forget.