1/7/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Mint Field "Ojos En el Carro"
2. Jonathan Wilson "Over The Midnight"
3. Typhoon "Rorschach"
4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Echo"
5. Dommengang "Color Out Of Space"
6. A Day To Remember "Same About You"
7. MAGNUM "Ya Wanna Be Someone"
8. Allegaeon "Animate"
9. Sl0tface "Sun Bleached"
10. The Vaccines "I Can't Quit"
11. Mimicking Birds "Another Time"
12. Blitzen Trapper "Wild & Reckless"
13. The Prids "Mangled Hearts"
14. Moby "Like a Motherless Child" mute

-Hour 2-

15. Shirt "Flight Home" thirdman
16. L'Orange "Imposter Instrumentals"
17. William Shatner "Garbageman"
18. Calvin Valentine "76"
19. Riton and Kah-Lo "Fake I.D."
20. The Fame-Beats "Don't Tell No Lies"
21. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics "Broken Woman"
22. Faze Wave "Leagues"
23. Miya Folick "Trouble Adjusting"
24. Sons of Raphael "Eating People"
25. Superchunk "What A Time To Be Alive"
26. Spirit Award "Fields"
27. Ty Segall "Every 1's A Winner"
28. Loma "Black Willow"



Music Not On Spotify List:
7. MAGNUM "Ya Wanna Be Someone"
13. The Prids "Mangled Hearts"
16. L'Orange "Imposter Instrumentals"
18. Calvin Valentine "76"
27. Ty Segall "Every 1's A Winner"


If you are reading this, congratulations you have made it to 2018! I woke up to mudslides, flooding and worst of all, NO INTERNET! Between the fires in late 2017 and the stormpocalypse 2018 SoCal can't catch a break. You know one of the contributing factors of me leaving NJ was for the weather here in Santa Barbara. The 101 is closed both ways due to mud all over the highway but hey at least its above 9 degrees. 


Enough about the weather lets talk New Noize! This is the 1st official show of the 2018 season and its one of my favorite times of year. I started the program off with a Mexican female duo that loves the shoegaze style. Their single "Ojos En el Carro" sounds like Beach House if Beach House wanted to do a Sun 0))) record. There is also a new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club single that is pretty kick ass and I mixed in the "Same About You" a new track from A Day to Remember. I dove a bit deeper into the full length from Sl0tface and I still don't know how I feel about the record. I have listed to it a hand full of times and I don't know whats my problem. 

In hour 2 I wanted to go with something completely off the wall and think I hit my mark with Shirt's "Flight Home" He is the 1st "hip hop" artists signed to Thirdman records. Thirdman has put out some 45's as well as live records from hip hop artists (Shabazz Palaces) but Shirt is officially on the Thirdman roster. I got a fan phone call about the Riton and Kah-Lo track "Fake I.D.", which is a pop blast of fun and also ultra depressing when I started to recall the days I needed a fake I.D. Why am I so old?

In other news we are only a few weeks away from one of the most anticipated video games of 2018. Im talking about Dragon Ball Fighters Z. Open Beta is going down this weekend to everyone who pre-ordered it. Hit me up if you want to throw down on the PS4. MenglerMeng is the name, Kamehameha waves are my game. 


See ya