6/10/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. YOB "Our Raw Heart"
2. Smashing Pumpkins "Solara"
3. Lush "Pristine" matador
4. The Frights "Crutch"
5. Interpol "The Rover"
6. We Are Scientists "Your Light Has Changed"
7. Gang Gang Dance "Young Boy (Marika in Amerika)"
8. serpentwithfeet "bless ur heart"
9. Daniel Avery "Projector" mute
10. Ghost "Miasma"
11. Mad Caddies "Some Kinda Hate"(Misfits cover) fat wreck chords 

-Hour 2-

12. Body/Head "You Don't Need"
13. Kiefer "Thinkin of" stonesthrow
14. Father John Misty "We're Only People" sub pop
15. the Midnight Hour feat Ladybug Mecca "Mare"
16. Kadhja Bonet "Thoughts Around Tea" fat possum
17. Meiko "Wandering Star" (Portishead cover)
18. Melody Echo Chamber "Breathe in Breathe Out" fat possum
19. Pusha T "Infrared" def jam
20. Kanye West feat Kid Kudi "Ghost Town" def jam
21. Kanye West x Kid Kudi feat Mos Def "Kids See Ghosts" def jam
22. Neko Case "Last Lion of Albion" anti
23. Artificial Pleasure "I Need Something More"
24. Petal "Magic Gone" run for cover
25. Gorillaz "Humility"



Not On Spotify:
11. Mad Caddies "Some Kinda Hate"(Misfits cover) fat wreck chords
24. Petal "Magic Gone" run for cover


I saw Kanye!!!! Yup I was one of the few (or many deepening on your POV) that got invited to witness the Kanye West x Kid Kudi album listening party. I know I was surprised when I got he cloak and dagger email from def jam records. I was told to go to in Hollywood and then get bussed to "a secret location" in Santa Clarita with a bunch for industry folks. As soon as I arrived to the actual listing party it was packed with other radio ppl, record label peoples, crazy amounts of models and so many hip-hop heads. I shook down with RZA and could have left after that, but I stayed. Saw Damon Dash talking with Irv Gotti. Legit hung out with Lizzo, who is awesome and fun. Kanye at one point was like 2 feet away from my face, he saw me & gave me the nod (I was on cloud 9999). Kid Kudi actually walked up to me and asked me who I was & how I was doing. He was really nice for the 3 minutes we talked, then as he was leaving he hit me with Assalamualaikum?! I was like how does this dude know I am Muslim? Then I remembered I am still in Ramadan and wore my Pakistani hoodie, it MADE MY NIGHT! Kim Kardashian is pretty short in real life. I got free merch, and food (burgers, fried chicken, collard greens, Mac and Cheese, plus more. I was a fan.


Talking fans IT'S e3. E3 is my Super Bowl nd this year's installment is pretty good. Surprisingly Microsoft had a solid e3, but as I type this PlayStation has not done their keynote. Looking forward to the rest of e3 and be sure come next New Noize I will have a full recap of all the things I wanna talk about.


This week's New Noize playlist brought you a bunch of new music from bands you already know. New Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Ghost, Neko Case and the Mad Caddies. Talking Mad Caddies their latest LP is all cover songs, and you know I love me a motherf*cj=king cover song. I also dropped new cover by Meiko, who covers Portishead's "Wandering Star". Surprise EP drop by Daniel Avery and its excellence. Big ups to Kiefer, I have been following him on Instagram and it's always nice to see him get some shine as his new record is out right now on Stonesthrow. Kanye 3rd drop in the past 3 weeks and its the best one yet! Kids See Ghosts is a collab album between himself and Kid Kudi AND EVERY TRACK IS A BANGER! Grab it and listen to it over and over. 


Programming note I will be not doing New Noize next week as its Eid weekend, holla at all your Muslims.