6/25/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. IDLES "Danny Nedelko"
2. Bad Religion "The Kids are Alt Right"
3. Mourn "Fun at the Geysers"
4. gobbinjr "Fake Bitch"
5. Cigarettes After Sex "Crush"
6. Uni "Generation Y" chimera
7. Dawes "Never Gonna Say Goodbye"
8. GrimSkunk "Sick Bastards" indica
9. Ume "Two Years Sleep"
10. Anna Calvi "Don't Beat the Girl Out of My Boy"
11. The Legendary Tigerman "Motorcycle Boy" disco tiger
12. Jen Champion "O.M.G." (I'm Over It)
13. Leon Vynehall "Drink It In Again"
14. Flasher "Pressure" domino
15. Body/Head "You Don't Need"

-Hour 2-

16. NIN "Ahead of Ourselves" capitol
17. Don Bellenger "All Hail" from Black Future 88 OST
18. Yuno "Why For" sub pop
19. Gang Gang Dance "Too Much Too Soon"
20. Daniel Avery "Glass" mute
21. Kids See Ghosts (Kanye West x Kid Kudi) "Freee" def jam
22. Kiefer "What a Day" stonesthrow
23. Georgia Anne Muldrow "Overload" brainfeeder
24. Jay Rock "ES Tales" interscope
25. Red Raraat "Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai"
26. Kamasi Washington "the Psalmist"
27. Jupiter & Okwess "Ekombe"



Not On Spotify:
6. Uni "Generation Y" chimera
11. The Legendary Tigerman "Motorcycle Boy" disco tiger
17. Don Bellenger "All Hail" from Black Future 88 OST
25. Red Baraat "Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai"
27. Jupiter & Okwess "Ekombe"

EID MUBARAK!!! I took off last Sunday to celebrate Eid with all my brothers and sisters so no New Noize last Sunday but I'm BACK. This years Ramadan was a bit rough but some amazing things happened. Kanye was in full "Yeezy Season" mode releasing 4 new records during the holy month including Nas' new album ON EID! Coincidence? I don't think so. Talking Kanye I did go to the Kid Kudi x Kanye listening party a few weeks back, scratch that off the "Once in a Lifetime" bucket list. 


This past Sunday/Saturday I scored tickets to see Vampire Weekend in Ojai CA, specifically at the Libby bowl. It was a fantastic weekend. Ojai is a beautiful corner in California and I have lived here since 04 yet never visiting. I feel like I have missed out on this local secret hideaway. Saturday night Vampire Weekend played for what felt like over 2 hours, playing their 1st record cover to cover in order, as it was the 10 year anniversary of their self-titled debut record. After playing their 1st record, they decided to play for an extra 70-90 minutes. 1/2 way through the show I had to take a relieve myself and a friend said the bathroom was around the corner. I proceeded to move with purpose and wound up backstage yelling "Wheres the FUCKING BATHROOM" then outta nowhere, Jonah Hill and his hot pink hair lightly tapped my shoulder and said in a most soothing voice "It's over there" and pointed. I said thanks and not only did what I had to do but ended up hanging back there for the rest of the show and ate some of their backstage pizzas. Rashida Jones was there, I said wassup, she said hi and that was that. Ezra was hanging back there and I said hello to him as well, he didn't full on recognize me initially, but after a brief conversation about both of us being from NJ he recalled that this conversation felt a bit familiar. Me and Ezra 1st met backstage after their SxSW show down in Austin TX and after reminding him of that fact we are now best friends. My music director and all around amazing friend dude hooked me and Hillary (a fellow radio human) with after party wristbands and you know we went. It was chill and oh so much fun. I paid for this fun on Sunday when Vampire Weekend played again, but this time it was a day show that started around 11ish. I was pretty hurt cause I drank all the beers last night but was able to rally back about 20 mins into their Sunday set, which happened to be at least 90 mins long. I have seen Vampire Weekend a few times before, and their shows never go past the 45-minute marks so seeing them play for this long at a venue this small (holds less than 1,000 people) was a real treat. It was truly a Vampire Weekend. 


So getting back to New Noize which did happen this past Sunday and I was back in full form. Not 1 snoozer on this packed 2 hour playlist.

I got Political with the IDLES pro-immigrant song "Danny Nedelko" which went right into Bad Religion's "The Kids are Alt-Right". Cigarettes After Sex dropped "Crush", a surprise single to celebrate their 1 year anniversary of their 1st record. 


Hour 2 I busted open a deep cut from Nine Inch Nails new ep "Bad Witch"(which is great cover to cover) and you should add that to your daily commute ASAP. The next track I had to work for. As you know already I love video games and video game music needs to be highlighted. I came across this trailer for a game called "Black Future 88":

And had to contact the game developer to find out how I can get this on my show. Lucky for me the developer is also the composer and hooked me up with a few tracks to share over the airwaves. You will definitely hear more of this soundtrack over the next few Sundays on New Noize. 

I was also mad hyped to drop some new music by Red Baraat. All their titles are in Urdu and I know Urdu plus they play South Asian Fusion music and I am South Asian. It's good stuff and you should check it out when you get a chance.


Thanks for stopping by.