9/16/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Jungle "Heavy California" playing Majestic Ventura Theater 9/25
2. Daniel Avery (John Hopkins Remix) "Glitter"
3. Bob Moses "Eye for an Eye" domino
4. Phosphorescent "Christmas Down Under" dead oceans
5. ODESZA "Loyal"
6. Joji "Slow Dancing in the Dark" 88 rising
7. Low "ROME (Always in the Dark)" sub pop
8. Brandon Coleman "A letter to My Buggers" brainfeeder
9. Captain Kidd "Bleed
10. Honey Hahs "Stop Him"
11. Interpol "If You Really Love Nothing
12. Knife Knights "Seven Wheel Motion" sub pop
13. Thom Yorke "Suspirium" xl

-Hour 2-

14. Skegss "Up in the CLouds"
15. Jeff the Brotherhood "Camel Swallowed Whole"
16. Mitski "Come into the Water"
17. the Dirty Nil "Bathed In Light"
18. Capital Punishment "Roadkill"
19. Lost Under Heaven "For The Wild"
20. Dilly Dally "Marijuana"
21. Brother Leo "Strangers on an Island"
22. James Supercave "Come Alone"
23. Slothrust "Birthday Cake" dangerbird
24. Autogramm "Jessica Don't Like Rock 'n Roll" nevado
25. the Brutalists "Form to Function" charger
26. the Sha La Das "Open My Eyes"
27. Darwin Deez "Say It First" lucky number
28. the Babe Rainbow "Supermoon"


Not On Spotify:



Feelings guide us in this thing we call life but what if one conquers space and time itself? Well, then you get what we call in the sci-fi world as the Predator and this past weekend we got to witness the next chapter this ongoing series. I have a special place in my heart for the 1st Predator movie. Growing up my parents had a massive VHS collection in the 80s, and 98% were Bollywood and the rest were an assortment of cartoons and Disney rips. 1 lone rated R movie stood alone. I have no idea how it got there but the Predator made its way into our small Elizabeth apartment and will be forever imprinted into the fabric of my childhood and now at 38 there is a new Predator movie. We have come a long way since the humble beginnings of this alien bar mitzvah and this latest version does not suck. Oh its New Noize time and I have been talking about the new Predator movie not sucking. I mean I really like how it built on the last Robert Rodriguez movie “Predators” and even had Predator Dogs in this new movie. It ties up a lot of the lore and grey areas to set up for what looks like a crazy sequel. There are so many small shoutouts and Easter Eggs from the 1st 2 Predator movies plus all the scenes with the Predators were fantastic but the rest of the movie was a bit bearable. Sorry I talked about the new Predator movie but it’s not getting the attention it deserves. WHAT?!?! I liked the movie, you should watch and tell me how much you hated it, or agree with me...I want to know.