9/9/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Sylvan Esso "Funeral Singers"
2. Pop Noir "White Jazz"
3. Sister Sparrow "Ghost"
4. OHMME "Icon" joyfull noise
5. Dilly Dally "Doom"
6. Paul McCartney "People Want Peace"
7. the Insufferables "Kimberly"
8. Dear Rouge"Little by Little"
9. Juiceboxx "Ripping Up My Soul"
10. Active Bird Community "Baby It's You" barsuck
11. Moscow Apartment "Be You"
12. Iron & Wine "Milkweed" sub pop
13. Delgres "Mo Jodi"
14. Allen Stone "Brown Eyed Lover"
15. Nikki Jean feat Lupe Fiasco "Mr Clean"
16. Mitski "Blue Light" dead oceans

-Hour 2-

17. Khruangbin "Maria Tambien"
18. Thom Yorke "Suspirium" xl
19. Knife Knights "Low Key" sub pop
20. J Mascis "See You at the Movies"
21. Miserable "Gasoline" sargent house
22. Barns Courtney "99"
23. Anaal Nathrakh "Obscene as Cancer"
24. Steven A Clark "Feels This Way" secretly canadien
25. Houndmouth "Golden Age"
26. Le Shok "TV in My Eye" burger
27. Alkaline Trio "Demon and Division"
28. Nightmare Air "Fade Out" nevado
29. Hozier "Nina Cried Power
30. Parquet Courts "Freebird II"
31. Paupiere "Les Fleurs" lisbon lux
32. Saint Sister "You Never Call"
33. Ron Gallo "It's Gonna Be OK" new west



Not On Spotify:

9. Juiceboxx "Ripping Up My Soul"
19. Knife Knights "Low Key" sub pop


1st weekend of football plus New Noize?!?!?!?! You cats are spoiled out there. New Noize as always delivers another highly diverse playlist with so many surprises you will think it's your birthday. Yes that last statement was cheesy AF but I assure you New Noize was not.

Pop Noir has a new track and its hilarious, apparently they don't understand white jazz and I agree. The new Dilly Dally track is ultra dark, and yes new music from Sir Paul McCartney made this weeks playlist. My music director is in LOVE with Iron & Wine and they decided to drop an new EP (it's solid). I re-hit the new Allen Stone cause its groovy & who doesn't love brown eyed lovers.


2nd hour was full of surprises as well. I am seeing Khruangbin on Wednesday opening for Leon Bridges and am SUPER HYPED! Con Todo El Mundo is currently in my top 10 best new albums of 2018 so far and I don't thinks it's going to lose positioning anytime soon. If you are in SB and going to the show at the SBBowl get there EARLY, you can hang with me. OH AND WTF IS Knife Knights?!?!?!?!! Apparently another configuration of Shabazz Palaces and it was in my heavy rotation all this weekend. We went to the great white north (does Montreal count?) with the Canadian collective know as Paupiere. FYI French with any type of musical arrangement behind it just sounds ultra chic.

September is also strapped with massive amounts of video game drops, dope movies and awesome tv shows but I'll break that out next write up, maybe...


Oh and yeah new Tom Yorke via the track Suspirium off the remake of Suspiria. Still not going gaga over this as Dario Argento's masterpiece Suspiria is one of my favorite movies of all time and I HEART Goblins OG soundtrack for this amazing film. YOU GOTTA PROVE THIS TO ME THOM. Yeah I said it.