9/2/18 New Noize 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara's Modern Rock

1. Muse "The Dark Side"
2. Barns Courtney "99"
3. Night Club "Schizophrenic" gato blanco
4. alt-J x Kontra K "In Cold Blood" 
5. Allen Stone "Brown Eyed Lover"
6. Beach Goons "Hunny Bunnies"
7. Marie Davidson "So Right"
8. Shannen Moser "Haircut Song"
9. Miserable "Gasoline" sargent house
10. Bishop Briggs "Baby" 
11. the Brother Brothers "Frankie"
12. FEWS "Business Man"
13. Plague Vendor "I Only Speak In Friction"
14. Basements Revolver "Heavy Eyes" fracture
15. the Blankz "(I Just Want To) Slam" slope

-Hour 2-

16. Mitski "Remember My Name" dead oceans
17. Ron Gallo "Prison Decor" new west
18. Nothing "Zero Day" relapse
19. Cloud Nothings "The Echo of the World" carpark
20. Pip Blom "Pussycat" persona non grata
21. Klaus "Fever" simone
22. Mass Gothic "New Work" sub pop
23. Brick + Mortar "Saturday Night" 
24. Walter Salas-Humara "She's a Caveman"
25. Phono Pony "Freak Out"
26. White Denim "It Might Get Dark" city slag
27. Dizzy "Bleachers" factor
28. Yam Haus "We Are the Storm"
29. Cat Power (feat Lana Del Rey) "Woman" domino
30. Interpol "Flight of Fancy" matador



Not On Spotify:

What a 3 day weekend. Beaches, late nights, fantasy football & so many barbecues. On top of that I got to do the Reggae Soundclash before my New Noize set and thats always fun. 

tenor (1).gif

I also so The Meg and it was everything you think it was.